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Payment Options FAQ

How do American toll roads collect payment? Why do you have different toll payment methods in toll calculations?

On most USA toll roads, bridges, and tunnels you will have three payment options to pay your tolls.

  • If you install a Tag, an eligible transponder (E-ZPass, SunPass, TollTag, TxTag, FasTrak, I-PASS, PikePass, AutoExpreso, etc.), you do not need to stop to pay the toll. This toll is “Tag” toll.
  • If you do not have an eligible Tag installed, some tolling agencies take a picture of your license plate and send you a bill. This toll is “Video” (Pay By Plate, ZipCash, TollByPlate, Pay by Mail, License Plate Toll etc.) toll.
  • At some locations, you stop and pay toll by cash or credit or a debit card, the toll is “Cash” toll.
  • Enroll in Peasy for convenient, multi-state, pay-as-you-go tolling service. With Peasy, you don't have to stress about pre-funding a toll account, getting hit with unexpected penalties or fines, or having to pay tolls by mail.
How do I pay a toll?

In the past, there was no standard way to pay your tolls. Tag transponders are not interoperable. If you have transponder for one road, it may not work on another. Good news is that now you can enroll in Peasy to pay all your automated tolls easily. With Peasy, your vehicles are enrolled in the national Peasy network, allowing you to drive on covered toll lanes and bridges throughout the U.S.

Learn how you can break free from tag transponders, which lack interoperability. Depending on the toll road you traverse, you would need to install a specific Tag (E-ZPass, SunPass, Good To Go, TxTag, FasTrak, I-PASS, etc.) in your vehicle for electronic toll payment. Peasy removes the need for multiple transponders and ensures your cashless tolls are paid on time.

Please refer to toll information for your state to learn more about toll payment options such as state specific tag transponders and cash tolls.

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