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what is Alabama Freedom Pass?

Freedom Pass is a prepay toll system (like a debit card for tolls) that is accepted at all four of the Alabama toll roads. Using the Freedom Pass tag qualifies you for discount programs. You can use also use Apple or Android phone to pay your toll at any Alabama Freedom Pass® network facility.

To purchase the card you have to register online and create a prepaid account. Here is the link to regiter online. For using it, you can recharge it online. When you pass through the toll plazas in Alabama, hold the card in front of the reader in the unmanned toll lane. The toll charges would be automatically deducted from your account each time you pass through toll plazas.

Here are some of the features of the card:

  • No service fees / No expiration date
  • No minimum deposit
  • No restriction on the number of cards on your account
  • Cards can be used in our dedicated card lanes - no need to wait behind cash customers
  • 10¢ discount per trip
  • Optional automatic replenishment of your account when your balance is low

Therefore you can open a Freedom Pass account and use it for your travel in Alabama. As it is a prepaid system (you don't have to buy a transponder, it is just a card), and there is no service fee, you would not get any refund. If there is any account balance left in your card at the end of your trip, it would not be refunded. However, it has a very relaxed expiration period, and therefore you can use it for future travel through Alabama. If you are just travelling to Alabama for once, better option would be to pre-calculate toll charges for your trip using Alabama Trip Calculator and accordingly recharge your prepaid card to minimize any balance left at the end of the trip.

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