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Odisha toll roads

Odisha toll calculator calculates tolls and fuel expenses for cars, vans, jeeps, trucks, trailers, buses and motorcycles for all the toll roads in Odisha and nearby states.

Below is the list of NHAI operated toll plazas in Odisha:

Toll Plaza Name NH No. Toll Plaza Location Section of Highway
Banajodi (Padmapur) 215 134.38 Panikholi to Rimuli
Baragarh (Barhaguda) 6 Km 41.00 Sambalpur-Baragarh-Orisha
Gudipada (Old Gangapada) 16 Km 323.600 Sunakhala - Bhubaneshwar (Km 362.000 to Km 286.010)
Gurapalli 16 Km 389.609 Sunakhala - Puintola (Km 362.000 to Km 419.600)
Hasanpur (Sainkul) 215 32.9 Panikholi to Rimuli
Khantaghar (Dhenkikote) 215 91.9 Panikholi to Rimuli
Manguli 16 Km 34.624 Bhubaneshwar - Chetia
Paat Sahanipur (Pipli) 316 Km 21.00 Bhubaneswar - Puri
Panikholi 16 Km 191.698 Chandikhole - Bhadrak [Km 62.000 to Km 136.500 (New Chainage Km 218.000 to Km 143.500)]
Sergrarh 16 Km 97.960 Bhadrak - Balasore (Km 136.500 to Km199.141 (New Chainage Km 143.635 to Km 80.994))
Srirampur 5A Km 3.588 Chandikhol - Paradip (Km 0.000 to Km 76.588)
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