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407 ETR, Toronto, Ontario

407 ETR is the major toll highway in Ontario. 407 ETR is all-electronic, open access toll highway. it begins (in the west) at the Queen Elizabeth Way QEW/403 in Burlington, Ontario, and runs through 108 km (67 miles) to Brock Road in Pickering, Ontario (in the east). This section of the highway is known as 407 ETR.

Similar to 407 ETR, Highways 407 and 412 are all-electronic, open-access toll highways without booths or barriers. Provincially-owned Highway 407 continues east of Brock Road once you reach the end of 407 ETR to Harmony Road in Whitby, Ontario, and also connects to Highway 401 via Highway 412.

You only need one transponder to travel on Highway 407 ETR or The Province’s Highways 407 (east of Brock Road) or 412. Please note, the law requires transponders in heavy vehicles which have an actual or Registered Gross Vehicle Weight (RGVW) of over 5,000 kilograms (five tonnes). To determine toll, travel distance is calculated from the centre line of one interchange to the centre line of the next interchange, not from gantry to gantry.

407 ETR Toll Highway is shown in Green color

407 ETR toll calculator calculates tolls and gas expenses for cars, trucks, trailers, buses, RVs and motorcycles for the 407 ETR and other toll highways like 407 and 412.

407 ETR Toll Calculator

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