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How to pay toll?

You can install Palmetto Pass tag, also known as Pal Pass tag or you can pay with Cash. Video toll system such as Pay by plate doesn’t exists on either of the toll roads.

Don't have a tag transponder? Try Peasy.

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How to pay missed tolls?

If you already know which toll road did you travel on, please reach out to respective agency explaining your situation. Here are the contact details.

  • Cross Island Parkway: If you missed paying toll while traveling on Cross Island Parkway, you can get more information on your violation and pay for it here. If you have further questions, please call the Cross Island Parkway Customer Service Center at 1-888-725-8655 (in state only) or 1-843-342-6718.
  • Southern Connector: For missed toll payments on Southern Connector, you can create an account and pay violations here. If you have further questions, please call Southern Connector Customer Support at (864) 527-2150 or email at

If you wish to see toll costs at each toll plaza on the route that you traveled, we suggest you using Tollguru Trip Calculator. You can also download our free app from Google play store or the App Store. Both, our website calculator and apps, are totally free for all vehicles types.

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