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How to pay a toll in Sydney

Paying of tolls on Sydney roads is possible through the following ways.

Can I pay with cash on Australia toll roads

Sydney toll payments are cashless similar to other toll roads in Australia. This means you wouldn’t find any cash booths to pay for using a toll road. You would need an etag account or toll pass to travel through toll roads.

Toll payment options for regular travellers

If you are regular traveller on a toll road in Sydney, you can pay toll through the following means

  • Open a Tag account
  • Open a Tagless Account
  • Open a Commercial Account

Toll payment options for visitors

For visitors to Sydney, the Sydney pass is a convenient and easy to use option. As a visitor’s e-PASS it covers up to 30 days of unlimited travel and comes with a low start-up fee. The advantage of a Sydney toll pass is that it does not require a tag.

Sydney Toll Calculator

The Sydney Toll Calculator calculates tolls for all toll motorways, roads, bridges and tunnels in Australia for cars, trucks, buses heavy vehicles, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles for peak and off-peak hours.

Rideshare, OEM, TMS, fleet companies and other transport businesses can leverage toll intelligence by integrating with the TollGuru Toll API for pre-trip calculation and post-trip reconciliation.

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