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Toll rates for New York toll bridges and tunnels

Toll charges for travel on New York toll roads, bridges, tunnels vary depending on no. of axles on the vehicle, vehicle type (personal, cab/taxi, TNC, commercial), occupancy (HOV2/HOV3, Taxi-pool), time of travel (peak/off-peak), mode of payment, and direction of travel on certain bridges and tunnels.

Below are the toll rates that 2-axle passenger cars (truck toll rates are shown in a different table): Toll rates for New York bridges and tunnels effective from April 11, 2021.

New York Bridge, TunnelE-ZPass Toll RateCash Toll Rate Video – Tolls by Mail Toll Rate
The Bronx–Whitestone Bridge$6.55Not allowed$10.17

Throgs Neck Bridge$6.55Not allowed$10.17
Tappan Zee / Mario M. Cuomo Bridge$5.75Not allowed$6.61
Triborough (Robert F. Kennedy Bridge)$6.55Not allowed$10.17
Hugh L Carey (Brooklyn–Battery Tunnel)$6.55Not allowed$10.17
Queens Midtown Tunnel$6.55Not allowed$10.17
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge$6.55Not allowed$10.17
Henry Hudson Bridge$3.00Not allowed$7.50
Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge$2.45Not allowed$5.49
Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge$2.45Not allowed$5.49
Atlantic Beach Toll BridgeNot allowed$2.00Not allowed
Ogdensburg-Prescott BridgeNot allowed$3.25Not allowed
Lewiston-Queenston Bridge$4.00$4.00Not allowed
Whirlpool Rapids Bridge$4.00$4.00Not allowed
Rainbow Bridge$4.00$4.00Not allowed
Peace Bridge$3.75$3.75Not allowed
Thousand Islands Bridge$3.00$3.00Not allowed
Seaway International Bridge (Cornwall-Massena)$2.70 with Seaway transit card$3.00Not allowed
Whiteface Mountain Vet. Memorial HighwayNot allowed$20.00Not allowed
Prospect Mountain Vet. Memorial HighwayNot allowed$10.00Not allowed
Bear Mountain Bridge$1.35$1.75Not allowed
Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge$1.35$1.75Not allowed
Mid-Hudson$1.35$1.75Not allowed
Newburgh-Beacon Bridge$1.35$1.75Not allowed
Rip Van Winkle Bridge$1.35$1.75Not allowed
Bayonne Bridge$11.75 Off-peak/ $13.75 peakNot allowed$16.00
George Washington Bridge$11.75 Off-peak/ $13.75 peak$16.00Not allowed
Goethals Bridge$11.75 Off-peak/ $13.75 peakNot allowed$16.00
Outerbridge Crossing$11.75 Off-peak/ $13.75 peakNot allowed$16.00
Holland Tunnel$11.75 Off-peak/ $13.75 peakNot allowed$16.00
Lincoln Tunnel$11.75 Off-peak/ $13.75 peakNot allowed$16.00

If the toll rates for the bridges are not the latest, feel free to suggest the updated toll rates. You can also refer to our toll & trip calculators and the Toll API for the latest toll rates.

If you are visiting New York and plan to drive, it is highly likely that you will have to pay tolls. As many of the toll facilities in New York are turning to Cashless Tolling[1], you would not be able to pay tolls with cash at most of the toll roads, tunnels or bridges. One option would be to pay tolls later using Toll By Mail. But it can be more expensive. If you wish to avoid receiving costly toll violation fines incurred when you end up using high-speed toll lanes without a toll tag, getting E-ZPass would be a good idea. If you are traveling to New York, you can get E-ZPass® On-the-Go here[2]. Read more about E-ZPass here.

New York tolls one-way or both ways?

Not all the toll bridges and tunnels in New York charge tolls in both the directions of travel. The toll bridges and tunnels that connect New York and New Jersey charge toll only while entering New York. No toll is charged while entering New Jersey. Similarly if you tarvel through Holland Tunnel or Lincoln Tunnel, you pay toll one-way, only while entering Manhattan. The table below answers the most burning questions related to the toll charges on toll bridges and tunnels in New York. Such as:

  • Do you pay tolls leaving NYC?
  • Which way do you pay the George Washington Bridge?
  • Is Hugh Carey Tunnel toll both ways?
  • Which way do you pay the toll on the Tappan Zee Bridge?
  • Does the Holland Tunnel charge both ways?

New York Bridge, TunnelDirections Of Toll
The Bronx–Whitestone BridgeBoth
Throgs Neck BridgeBoth
Tappan Zee / Mario M. Cuomo BridgeOne way, only while entering Tarrytown (EB)
Triborough (Robert F. Kennedy Bridge)One way, only while entering Randalls Island (NB)
Hugh L Carey (Brooklyn–Battery Tunnel)Both
Queens Midtown TunnelBoth
Verrazano-Narrows BridgeBoth
Henry Hudson BridgeBoth
Cross Bay Veterans Memorial BridgeBoth
Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial BridgeBoth
Atlantic Beach Toll BridgeBoth
Ogdensburg-Prescott BridgeBoth
Lewiston-Queenston BridgeOne way, only while entering Queenston (WB)
Whirlpool Rapids BridgeOne way, only while entering Ontario (WB)
Rainbow BridgeOne way, only while entering Ontario (WB)
Peace BridgeOne way, only while entering Fort Erie (WB)
Thousand Islands BridgeBoth
Seaway International Bridge (Cornwall-Massena)Both
Whiteface Mountain Vet. Memorial HighwayBoth
Prospect Mountain Vet. Memorial HighwayOne way, only while going towards Prospect Mountain Summit (WB)
Bear Mountain BridgeOne way, only while entering New Haven (EB)
Kingston-Rhinecliff BridgeOne way, only while entering Hartford (EB)
Mid-HudsonOne way, only while entering Poughkeepsie (EB)
Newburgh-Beacon BridgeOne way, only while entering Beacon (EB)
Rip Van Winkle BridgeOne way, only while entering Hudson (EB)
Bayonne BridgeOne way, only while entering Staten Island (SB)
George Washington BridgeOne way, only while entering Manhattan (EB)
Goethals BridgeOne way, only while entering Staten Island (EB)
Outerbridge CrossingOne way, only while entering Staten Island (EB)
Holland TunnelOne way, only while entering Manhattan (EB)
Lincoln TunnelOne way, only while entering Midtown Manhattan (EB)

How much do tolls cost in New York?

Calculate tolls, fuel costs, and routes for your travel by car, truck, taxi, bus, caravans (with or without a trailer) for New York toll tunnels, bridges, and NY Thruway in New York and nearby states using NY Toll Calculator. It also shows the cheapest, the fastest, and other optimal routes to your destination along with toll plaza(s) location en route, payment methods, and more.

Rideshare, OEM, TMS, fleet companies, and other transport businesses can leverage toll intelligence by integrating with the TollGuru Toll API for pre-trip cost estimation and post-trip toll reconciliation in the New York area and the rest of the US.

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