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Toll rates on both of the Quebec toll bridges depend upon the vehicle category which is defined by their height. The tolls for trucks also factors in the number of axles.

Toll rates for A25 Bridge or Olivier Charbonneau Bridge

The toll fee schedule varies on the vehicle’s size (over or under 230 cm height), the crossing time of day and the traffic when over a certain threshold. Pedestrians, cyclists and, electric vehicles can cross the bridge for free. The factors deciding the toll rate are:

  • Vehicle category: Category 1 (vehicle height is less than 230 cm) pay lesser tolls than Category 2 (vehicle height is equal to or greater than 230 cm) vehicles.
  • Registered customer account: Vehicles having A25 registered customer account pay less in tolls than without a registered account.
  • Transponder: Vehicle that have a registered account and use A25 transponder pay less toll than have a registered account and but not using A25 transponder.
  • Peak & off-peak hours: Toll rates are higher for peak hours (6:01 to 9:00 and 15:01 to 18:00 Monday to Friday) than for off-peak hours.

Toll rates for A30 Express Bridge or St. Lawrence Bridge

The toll on A30 bridge is determined by vehicle’s category.

  • Category 1 vehicle: $1.40/axle
  • Category 2 vehicle: $2.05/axle

For example, a passenger vehicle with a height lower than 230 cm will pay $2.80 per crossing. Below is the description for each vehicle category:

  • Class 1 or Class B: All road vehicles less than 230 cm in height. This class includes the majority of cars, motorcycles, utility vehicles, minivans, and light trucks.
  • Class 2 or Class C: All road vehicles equal to or higher than 230 cm in height and those not included in Class A. This class includes the majority of semi trailer trucks, heavy vehicles, recreational vehicles, cars with trailers, privately owned company buses, and other commercial heavy vehicles.
  • Class A or Outsized vehicles: Outsized vehicles are defined in section 462 of the Road Safety Code. Special authorization is needed to drive these vehicles on roads.
  • Class 3: Class 3 vehicles include public transport vehicles, school buses, and emergency vehicles.

Note: There is a rebate on the toll rate for A30 EXPRESS customers with a transponder! A discount of $0.10 per passage is applied to all Category 1 vehicles with a valid transponder. The A30 Express transponder is free of charge; without any purchase costs or account maintenance fees.

Detailed toll rates for the A25 bridge can be found at A30 St. Lawrence Bridge toll rates page[1].

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