How much are Tolls in Bay Area

Tolls in Bay Area of California are levied on 8 toll bridges. Tolls for Bay Bridge or The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge is $5 on weekdays and $6 on weekends. 

The tolls on all these bridges depend upon vehicle type, number of axles, time of day, number of occupants in the car and payment method (whether FasTrak or not).

Tolls on the Bay Area Bridges for car and carpool (with minimum 3 occupants) with FasTrak
Toll Bridge Car Toll Rate (USD) Carpool Toll Rate (USD)
Antioch Bridge $7 $3.50
Benicia – Martinez Bridge $7 $3.50
Carquinez Bridge $7 $3.50
Dumbarton Bridge $7 $3.50
Golden Gate Bridge $8.50 $6.05
Richmond – San Rafael Bridge $7 $3.50
San Francisco-Oakland $7 $3.50
San Mateo – Hayward Bridge $7 $3.50

Note: There is no cash toll collection at Bay Area Bridges

Use the Bay Area Toll Calculator to calculate tolls between any bridge in the Bay Area or other California toll bridges, roads or express lanes.

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