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Tollguru Features

Covers all USA, Canada & India toll roads, turnpikes, bridges, tunnels & tollways
Supports Car, Truck (up to 6 axles), RV, Bus, Motorcycle & Trailers
Shows tolls for all the three payment options: Cash, Tag Transponder & Video/Pay-by-Mail
Shows plaza/booth locations & tolls (cash, transponder, and video)
Shows tolls & gas for the CHEAPEST & the FASTEST routes
Compares multiple routes for Tolls, Gas, Distance & Time
Calculates gas expenses based on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency (MPG), traffic congestion & gas price
Option to select year, make, model for your car. Editable city & highway fuel efficiency (MPG)
Shows tolls at time of your travel: Peak, Off-peak & Weekend
Search destinations by business name or address. With current location & address auto complete features
Mobile app available in ENGLISH & SPANISH
Navigate using Google, Apple, MapQuest maps & Uber

What Our Users Say

User reviews 1: A must have app for any driver! Show toll prices, different routes, fuel cost estimates. Truckers you can set your cost per gallon and set avg fuel cost for the route chosen. It gives a nice estimate of the tolls.
User reviews 2: Great app for self employed or business owners. I finally found an app that can calculate my tolls quickly when I am headed to a client meeting. Very easy to use and you can even put your car model and gas prices to be more accurate. TollGuru has shown me new routes to work that are faster and saves me money on gas and toll fees. It’s awesome for sales reps or whoever is always driving around town and need to save on tolls.
User reviews 3: What a great app, I finally found a navigation system that gives me few options to choose from. Oh by the way I called tech-support to to ask them something and they return my call on the next day.great.great.great. Perfect app for planning trip. Best part is i can compare time and cost between different routs and pick the fastest and economical one.
User reviews 4: Saved us tolls from Rochester to Buffalo! Bought an EZPass while on vacation to get us from Rochester, NY, to Buffalo only to find out it takes at least 24-48 hours for your EZPass account to be activated, and we needed it the next morning. We were in a rental car and did not want to pay their toll fees, so I downloaded this app to show me where the toll booths were. Lo and behold, it did one better and showed me the entire non-toll route!! Saved us a ton of rental car fees. Thanks, I was looking for this kind of app.
User reviews 5: Money saver! I used this app while traveling to Ohio and it did help me save some dollars. It's very easy to use and shows multiple options like cheapest, fastest route which is very helpful. Kudos!! Very helpful for trip planning. Recommending it to all the adventurers , explorer , expeditionary out there.
User reviews 6: Awesome App! I was traveling from New York to Niagara falls and this app saved me money on toll charges. It gives awesome options for the best and cheapest route. This app is very user friendly. Thanks! I use it often before I travel. I use it to compare between routes. Saves me time and money.
User reviews 9:  It gives me distance, route choices, and tolls. It does what I need it to do. Helps save $$$! Love this app! This is really good I have a job where I have to go to random multiple locations a day and I try to save as much as I can with this, super app, thanks guys!
User reviews 8:  I use the app for my commute. I see tolls and gas for 2-3 routes. I can pick from the fastest or cheapest route. Great app! Helps with planning long trips. Does what it's supposed to do! Shows very accurate tolls & mpg. Saves me few $$ on every trip!
User reviews 7: One of the better toll calculators around. I like how it shows the cost with toll tag and without toll tag plus approximate gas cost. It's very handy for long road trips. The developer seems to read the feedback and reviews and tries to keep on improving the app, which is great. Would like to see a back button and settings tab on the app. Great for what I need it to do.

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