How much is Dulles Toll Road Rates in 2021

Dulles toll road is among the most travelled toll facilities in Virginia.

Car toll rates for various toll plazas on Dulles toll road, Virginia
Toll Plaza E-ZPass Toll Rate (USD)
Sully Road, Washington $1.50
Centreville Road, Washington $1.50
Fairfax County Parkway, Washington $1.50
Reston Parkway, Washington $1.50
Wiehle Avenue, Washington $1.50
Hunter Mill Rd., Washington $1.50
Leesburg Pike NB exit $1.50
Washington-Dulles Access and Toll Road $3.25
Spring Hill Rd., Washington $1.50

You can calculate Dulles toll road toll rates for all vehicles using Dulles Toll Road Toll Calculator.

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