How do I choose the right API?

Origin, Destination, and Waypoints: This endpoint is ideal for users who need multiple route options to choose from, offering flexibility in decision-making based on factors like time and cost. It is particularly useful for trip planning purposes.

Route Polyline: Intended for pre-trip and post-trip toll calculations, this endpoint is particularly suitable if you've already integrated a mapping service provider to generate routes. The polyline supplied by the mapping service provider serves as the Route Polyline API endpoint input.

Including locTimes in your request can retrieve toll information for post-trip calculation based on the provided route. 

If locTimes are not specified, the API will use the departure_time as a timestamp. If departure_time is also unspecified, the current time will be utilized for toll calculations.

TollTally - GPS Tracks to Toll API: This option is ideal for post-trip toll calculations. If you require toll details for the precise route taken by your driver, we recommend using this endpoint. Upload your GPS tracks (in CSV format) to receive tolls for the likely route matched using the GPS tracks. 

Refer to the API documentation for more information.

Looking to optimize trip tolls and calculate toll bills for your fleet? Integrate Toll API for pre-trip, on-trip, and post-trip toll and other route cost information.


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