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How do Express lanes and managed lanes work? Why do you not show tolls on Express lanes?

Express lanes and managed lanes are typically built within an existing highway. They often add capacity to the highway to accommodate more traffic to relieve congestion. However, unlike other toll roads, the price changes based on the level of traffic on the parallel free road. The tolls vary based on congestion and are not known before you travel. Since the toll rates are not published ahead of time, the Toll calculator cannot calculate tolls for these facilities.

Some Express lanes such as SR-91 Express lanes publish their toll schedules ahead of the time. Tollguru™ Toll Calculator calculates tolls for such Express lanes.

If I took my license plates off, can I use toll roads for free and if so will I get caught?

We will not recommend taking license plates off. It is illegal and you may face stiff penalties. If you’re driving around town with no license plates on your car, toll booths are the least of your worries. You can be stopped by cops anywhere. Some drivers resort to innovative methods (such as mechanical contraptions) to hide their license plates at the toll plazas. It does not work every time. When caught they pay a great deal more money to get out of the trouble than you would have paid in tolls. We will recommend using Tollguru™ Toll Calculator to calculate your tolls before you travel. You will not be surprised at the toll gates or when you get a bill in mail for all-electronic toll facilities.

Why do some states have toll roads and other don’t?

Most roads are built with local, state or federal dollars raised from taxes. Tolls roads only charge (tax) users of the facility. For example, E-470 toll road did not use any tax dollars to fund its construction. Some of the toll roads such as Pennsylvania turnpike were build prior to the construction of tax-dollar based interstate highway system and remain in places. States and cities now construct managed lanes and express lanes using bond financing to provide travel options during peak hours. Therefore, whether the state has a toll road depends on history, current demand for roads, whether the state has tax revenues to build new roads, and whether building toll roads are an option.

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