Toll Calculator & Gas Calculator FAQ

Gas Expenses FAQ

How does Tollguru™ calculate gas expenses for my route?

Tollguru considers following factors to calculate gas costs for your route

  • Highway and city fuel efficiency (MPG) of your vehicle
    • Calculated based on your vehicle class
      • Further, refined based on year, make, and model of your car, SUV, pickup
    • You can edit fuel efficiency, if different
  • Route distance
  • Traffic speeds. For example, your vehicle uses more fuel in stop and go traffic and when the traffic speeds are very high.
  • Gas costs

Tollguru™ uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate gas costs based on traffic speeds. For example, fuel efficiency for most cars is 20 percent lower at 75 miles per hour compared to 55 miles per hour. Tollguru uses speeds for each travel leg in a route to calculate gas costs.

It is important to remember that gas estimates are highly subjective based on type of fuel, your vehicle condition, and your driving type. Also, we use average gas costs. It is important to remember that your fuel costs depend on where you fill your tank.
How does toll calculator estimate gas costs in my location?

The gas costs are estimated using data from users around your location. If no gas cost estimates are known, the toll calculator shows a default gas price that you need to update based on what you paid at the pump.

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