Toll Calculator & Gas Calculator FAQ

Toll API Usage & Bill FAQ

How are the Toll API transactions counted?

If you request with one origin and one destination, TollGuru™ Toll API needs to query two geocode requests to Google or HERE Maps API, two direction requests to Google or HERE maps API, and one Toll (plus gas) transaction to Tollguru Toll API. This leads to 2 geocode + 2 direction + 1 toll = 5 transactions.

If you requests for one origin, two stops and one destination, it would be 4 geocode requests + 2 direction requests + 1 toll request = 7 transactions.

If you sends a route polyline (with as many stops as you want) based on HERE maps or Google maps without necessitating any queries to Google or HERE maps API, it will be just one transaction.

If you are querying for trucks, buses and RV please use HERE maps API. Do not use Google maps as Google Maps API does not provide routes for trucking. You may be routed on truck prohibited routes.

How is the Toll API bill calculated?

The API Toll bill is calculated based on your usage plan and the number of transactions in the usage period. For example, if you sign up for the Starter plan, you will pay $40 per month for up to 5,000 transactions. If you end up making 7,000 transactions to Tollguru™ Toll API during the usage period, you will pay $40*7,000/5,000 = $56, if you make 20,000 requests, you will pay $40*4= $160 and so on.

If you sign up for Basic plan, you will pay $130 for up to 20,000 transactions. If you make 100,000 transactions during the usage period, you will pay $130 * 5 = $650.

If you already know you will have high number of transactions, it may be a good idea to sign up for a higher plan (as you will get discounts compared to signing for the lower plan).

When is bill generated?

All our API usage plans are based on monthly billing cycle starting the day you sign up for the plan. The invoice for each usage period is billed and sent out at the end of usage period. For example, you signed up for the Starter plan on Jan 5th, your first usage period would be Jan 5th to Feb 5th. The invoice for this period will be billed and emailed to you on 5th Feb and so on.

When is payment set-up?

All our API usage plans are based on monthly billing cycle. The credit card details are required when you subscribe for a particular plan. The account is charged at the end of the monthly billing cycle based on subscribed usage plan and actual usage.

What if I change plan in middle of the month?

If you change your subscription plan in the middle of the month, for that period, you pay pro-rated charges based on current plan. For the remaining time period in the month, you pay pro-rated charges based on the updated subscription plan.

How does the subscription renewal work?

The subscriptions to all our API usage plans are autorenewed at the end of monthly billing cycle. Your subscription is active until you unsubscribe from the plan.

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