Mizoram Fuel Calculator

Looking to calculate fuel cost for a trip in India? Use the Fuel Cost Calculator App! See total trip cost breakdown - fuel, toll and other charges, FasTag rates, toll booths, toll discounts. Travel on the cheapest or the fastest routes to your destination. For car, pickup truck, truck, bike, HCM, EME - across Indian NHAI and state highways, toll roads, bridges, and tunnels - FREE!

Business? Integrate Toll API for pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip fuel, toll and route information. 

Still not convinced? Just enter your origin, destination, Submit and see fuel cost in seconds. Fill the optional fields - mileage, toll etc. - to get more accurate results.

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Electronic Toll gantry only accepting Toll tags


Toll plaza accepting Cash


Via points


Truck restricted routes


Check out the detailed usage guide to know more about how to use the toll calculator, how the calculator works and much more.


  • Fuel (petrol, diesel, etc) cost 
  • Toll cost
  • Toll plazas on map
  • Toll rates (for all payment methods)
  • Cheapest and Fastest routes  
  • Reorder stops (Traveling salesman problem)
  • Truck complaint routes 

The Fuel Cost Calculator app is free for all vehicles - car, pickup truck, bike, HCM - except trucks. For truck toll calculation, subscribe to Web Toll Calculator. Alternatively, you can also download our mobile apps (iOS or Android). 


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