How do you Pay a Toll on a Rental Car

You can pay a toll on a rental car on the go or post-trip depending on the policies of the rental company. Most have their own toll pass program for a day at a flat rate. Others, send you a toll bill after the trip which includes their handling charges. These options are usually costly. See toll policies of major car rental companies below:

The cheaper way to pay rental car tolls is to use your own toll device. If you own a valid toll pass device for the area you are visiting, you can use that in your rental car. Just replace the vehicle’s license plate number (from yours to the rental one’s) temporarily.

Even getting a new tag transponder specifically for the trip can be cheaper than paying a rental car toll bill. If you miss a toll in your rental car, the rental company will add it in their bill.

Note: Consult with the agent at the rental to uninstall any of their toll devices in the car or you’ll be tolled twice. 

Use Rental Car Toll Calculator to calculate tolls for your trip in a rental car across the US state toll facilities.

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