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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Toll Calculator

The only FREE Toll Calculator app that calculates tolls & gas costs across all toll roads, tunnels, bridges, turnpikes & tollways in USA, Canada, Mexico & India for cars, trucks, trailers, RV, bus, & motorcycles. See tolls on the Google map for your route.

How to Use Toll Calculator?

Enter 'Start' and 'End' addresses

Enter orgin and destination of your trip. Start typing address, business or place name and select from the autocomplete suggestion list.

Select your vehicle

  • Auto: select from 2-axle cars, SUV, Pickup with four tires, 6-tires, and 1-axle trailer attached
  • Truck: select from 2-axle trucks to 6-axle trucks
  • Bus: Select whether you have 1-axle trailer
  • RV, or motorhome: Select whether you have 1-axle trailer
  • Motorcycle: Select whether you have 1-axle trailer
  • Edit your fuel efficiency (MPG)

  • If you are driving a car, SUV or pickup: select Year, Make, and Model for better fuel efficiency (MPG) estimations.
  • Update highway and city MPG, if needed.
  • Enter gas price

    Update your gas price to what you paid at the pump, at the gas station.

    Departure time

    Current departure time is your local time. Say it is 7:00 AM in New York City (in your time zone). You search for San Francisco. The default toll rates returned are at 4:00 AM in San Francisco time (at the time of your search). If you want toll rates at 7:00 am in San Francisco, you will need to select 10:00 AM when searching in New York. All mapping applications, including Google maps, return search in local time zone of the query.

    See toll costs at each plaza

    Click on the yellow toll markers on your route to see tolls on plazas, bridges, and tunnels on your route.

    Get directions

    Click on "Get Directions" for step by step directions from Google maps for the route you picked. You will be able to see any accidents, lane closures, etc. on your route on the Google maps.
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