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Add tolls to any map within minutes- Google Maps, Apple Maps, Azure Maps, Here Maps. TollGuru toll API is map independent.

See tolls on any map

Welcome to TollGuru Toll REST API decision engine that underpins the TollGuru Toll calculatorThe Toll API works with all mapping services and is now available for 50+ countries.

It is like having Google Toll API, Bing Toll API, TomTom Toll API or Mapbox Toll API since you can send routes (polylines) from any of the mapping services to Toll API and receive tolls for those routes. Since we support all transponders, it is like querying for EZPass Toll API or Sunpass Toll API. You will receive tolls specific to all toll tags and passes throughout the world.

Solve your toll challenges within minutes

Calculate tolls

Calculate accurate tolls

Get the most up-to-date tolls considering the vehicle type, toll facility, load type, count of passengers, time of day, pay mode and more.

Trip costs

Trip cost breakdown

Along with tolls, get accurate total trip cost estimates factoring fuel, labour charges, permits, insurance, maintenance, and more.


Demystify toll roads

View toll plaza locations with comprehensive details like payment mode accepted, valid toll tags, toll rates, toll discounts, vehicle compliance etc.


Compare routes

See all logical routes to your destination - while hitting all waypoints - with their trip cost breakdown - tolls, fuel etc., tags required, and travel time.


Optimal compliant route

Travel on the suggested Cheapest or Fastest route calculated considering your vehicle’s compliance to save time or expenses.


Payment methods

Learn about all the accepted payment methods- cash, card, tags etc. and respective toll rates for each plaza to save the highest on tolls.

Toll Notifications

Notified of incoming tolls

Handy for trips with varying waypoints or contingency plans, the prompt notification of incoming toll plaza with details helps make last-minute saves.

Post trip toll billing API. TollGuru let's you calculate accurate post trip tolls using toll billing API.

Instant post-trip toll billing

Instead of waiting weeks on tolling agencies to revert with tolls by license plate, get instant tolls using GPS Tracks and Polyline. 

Add toll intelligence that powers millions trips everyday

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iCan Storage
iCan Storage
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Complete toll coverage across 50+ countries

Our Toll API is the right fit for global businesses with complete toll coverage for 50+ countries across North America, Latin America, Europe (Including Russian Federation), Australia, New Zealand, and India.

Click on the links below to refer to the Toll API docs for the respective region/ country.

North America

For tolls across North America, refer to North America Toll API Docs


Latin  America

For tolls across Latin America, refer to Latin America Toll API Docs 


All toll dimensions covered

Tolling works differently in each region/country as the vehicle classifications, tolling systems, mode of payments, tags, passes, and tolling policies differ from one place to another.

Click on the regions below to see the toll dimensions that our Toll API covers for each of the regions/countries.

North America

Toll attributes and parameters supported by TollGuru Toll API for North America including United States, Canada and Mexico.

Toll dimensions supported by TollGuru Toll API for North America including United States, Canada and Mexico.

Latin America
Oceania (Australia & New Zealand)

Ready-to-integrate APIs for your business

Integrate our ready-made APIs that show toll plaza locations, toll charges, payment methods, fuel costs, multiple routes, EV chargers, break areas for pre-trip, on-trip or post-trip just the way you need. Or get a customized API that meets your specific needs.


Pre trip toll API

Find the optimal route with cost and time trade-off between any source and destination.

Post trip toll billing API. TollGuru let's you calculate accurate post trip tolls using toll billing API.

Post trip billing API

Get accurate toll charges post-trip with route polyline or GPS traces.


EV trip planner API

Get EV charging stations along your route with toll and charging costs.

Truck Route Planner

Truck routing API

Get truck-compliant routes with accurate toll costs. Leverage HOS manager and state mileage.

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