How do I Pay Tolls on Dulles Toll Road

There are various methods to pay toll on Dulles Toll Road in Virginia depending on the lane type: 

E-ZPass Only: To use ‘E-ZPass Only’ lanes lane, you must have an E-ZPass toll tag. Or you may have some toll payment apps like Go Toll, Slora, Uproad or Peasey Drive On.

Exact Change: In this lane, the toll collection machine only takes coins - quarters or one dollars. No card or paper currency is valid. However, drivers with E-ZPass can use this lane too. 

In case you missed paying toll on Dulles toll road, visit the ‘Find Missed Toll’ section on VDoT website and make the payment online. Alternatively, visit E-Z Pass Customer Service Center or call 1-888-860-9361. If you pay within 6 days of toll violation, there will be no penalty. 

Use Dulles Toll Road Toll Calculator to check how much tolls you’ll need to pay for a trip across Virginia toll roads, bridges, tunnels and express lanes.

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