How do Trucks Pay Tolls

Truckers pay tolls using electronic tag transponders, video toll, cash or other accepted toll payment methods in the US. However, tag transponders are preferred because (currently) 38 of the US states have toll booths and an increasing number of them are electronic.

Map of US with primary toll tags- E-ZPass, SunPass, FasTrak, TxTag etc. for states with toll facilities and their interoperability.
US State Interoperable Toll Tags

You can take an E-ZPass, SunPass Pro or similar passes that work in multiple states (with varying discounts). Or buy state-specific toll tags. However, in the latter case, make sure to disable all other transponders you don’t want to use or you’ll be multi charged. 

Calculate how much truck tolls you’ll have to pay using Truck Toll Calculator.

The calculator also shows toll plazas en route and payment methods for each of them.

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