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US states that applies tolls on roads, bridges, tunnels and other toll facilities

Out of the 52 states in the US, 36 of them applies road tolls in one way or another to their commuters. Most of the toll facilities in US are electronic and do not accept cash at all. A toll tag or pass or transponder used to pay toll electronically in one state may not be valid in another state(s).

Map of US with primary toll tags- E-ZPass, SunPass, FasTrak, TxTag etc. for states with toll facilities and their interoperability.
Interoperable Toll Tags of US

Below is the list of US states that have toll roads, bridges, tunnels or other toll facilities and their corresponding payment methods:

State Electronic Tag License-Plate Video Toll Cash
Alabama Alabama Freedom Pass No Cash accepted
Alaska None None Cash accepted
California FasTrak, NationalPass PayByPlate on some roads Orange County toll roads do not have cash plazas. You can open FasTrak®, ExpressAccount® Prepaid or ExpressAccount invoice using cash at Irvine Customer Service Center.
Colorado ExpressToll GO-PASS, Licence Plate Not accepted on E-470
Delaware E-ZPass, NationalPass None Cash accepted on most locations
Florida SunPass E-Pass, Leeway, Giba Toll pass. But mostly SunPass  or TollByPlate . Not everywhere Selmon Expressway, Miami-Dade Expressway Authority roads, and many other roads and bridges do not accept cash
Georgia Peach Pass, SunPass, Pay n GO!, GA Cruise Card    
Illinois I-PASSE-ZPass, NationalPass You can pay online Cash accepted on most locations
Indiana E-ZPass, NationalPass No Yes
Kansas K-Tag, PikePass NationalPass, TollTag, TxTag, EZ TAG No Yes
Kentucky E-ZPassI-PASSRiverLink, NationalPass Yes No
Louisiana GeauxPass No Yes
Maine E-ZPass, NationalPass No Yes
Maryland E-ZPass, NationalPass Yes Yes, except Intercounty Connector (ICC)
Massachusetts E-ZPass, EZDriveMA, NationalPass Pay By Plate, Cash accepted on most locations
Michigan MACPASS, Bridge Pass, NexPress, A-PASS Not everywhere Cash accepted on most locations
Minnesota E-ZPass, I-Pass No Yes
Missouri None None Yes
Nebraska None None Yes
Nevada None None Yes
New Hampshire E-ZPass, NationalPass None Yes
New Jersey E-ZPass NJ, Downtown Beach Express Pass, NationalPass Tolls by Mail. Not everywhere Cash accepted on most locations
New York E-ZPass NY, ExpressPass, NexusCard, NationalPass Tolls by Mail. Not everywhere Cash accepted on most locations
North Carolina NC Quick Pass, NationalPass Bill By Mail No
Ohio E-ZPass OH, NationalPass None Yes
Oklahoma Pike Pass, TollTag, TxTag, EZ TAG, K-Tag, NationalPass None Yes
Oregon BreezeBy None Yes
Pennsylvania E-ZPass, NationalPass Toll By Plate Cash
Puerto Rico AutoExpreso None Cash not accepted at most locations
Rhode Island E-ZPass, NationalPass None Yes
South Carolina Palmetto Pass PalPass None Yes
Texas TxTag TollTag EZ Tag K-Tag, Pike Pass, NationalPass PayByMail, ZipCash. Not on all roads You cannot pay by cash on most toll roads in Austin, Houston, and Dallas
Utah None None Yes
Vermont None None Yes
Virginia E-ZPass, NationalPass Pay By Plate not available at some locations  
Washington Good To Go! Pass Pay By Mail Yes
West Virginia E-ZPass WV E-ZPass, NationalPass No Yes

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