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Florida is among one of the most travelled US states[1]. The major landmarks of the Sunshine State include the Walt Disney World, Universal Studios in Orlando, Kennedy Space Center, Everglades National Park and South Beach in Miami. Several airports and interstates 4, 10, 95, 75, 275, and 295 make it well-connected with other parts of the US. However, driving within Florida should come with a heads up that with over 719 miles of toll roads, it boasts the longest stretch of toll facilities in the nation[2].

Florida toll facilities can be categorized as:

  • Florida Turnpike
  • Florida toll roads
  • Florida toll bridges
  • Florida express lanes

Most of the toll facilities here are turning cashless but some including those on Florida Turnpike still accept cash. The preferred method to pay toll in Florida is SunPass tag as it offers the highest discounts. Many travellers look for ways to avoid tolls in Florida which is not just tricky but also comes with the hassle of taking routes that are too long and too busy.

You can use Florida Toll Calculator to calculate tolls and fuel costs to travel across the entire state and other parts of the nation. It also suggests the cheapest, fastest and other optimal routes to get to your destination.

Read on to learn more about the toll facilities, toll plaza locations, their toll rates, accepted toll payment options, how to pay missed tolls, SunPass, tolls for rental cars in Florida and more.

Florida Turnpike

The Florida Turnpike, also called the Ronald Reagan Turnpike, is a 483 miles network of toll roads in Florida. It connects the cities of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach (parallels to I-95) and Orlando. It has two sections: The mainline (SR 91) and Homestead Extension of Florida's Turnpike (or HEFT; designated as SR 821).

The turnpike is operated by Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (FTE)[3].

How much does it cost to drive on the Florida Turnpike

Toll rates for Florida Turnpike[4] vary for different regions it serves. Along a typical fast route, SunPass tolls are about 6.7 cents per mile (4.2 ¢/km) for cars and other two-axle vehicles. While a trip on the entire turnpike (excluding the HEFT) would cost close to $17 with SunPass and $23 with cash/Toll-by-Plate.

How do you pay for the Florida Turnpike

You can pay tolls on the Florida Turnpike by:

  • SunPass and SunPass Pro
  • E-Pass
  • E-ZPass
  • Toll By Plate
  • Cash (one selected plazas)

Following are the five toll plazas of Florida Turnpike (Mainline section) that do Not accept cash payment:

  • Griffin Road Plaza (Exit 53)
  • Hollywood Pines Boulevard Plaza (Exit 49)
  • Miramar Plaza (Exit 47)
  • Okeechobee Plaza (Exit 32)
  • Bird Road Plaza (Exit 22)

Florida toll roads

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to the toll roads, Florida leads the nation. It has the longest-running toll roads in the US. Below, the toll roads are grouped as per their coverage region in the state. You can click on the name of the region or stretches to view their toll maps and learn more.

Florida toll bridges

Florida is home to some of the popular toll bridges on the east coast such as the 3.6 mile Mid-Bay Bridge connecting U.S. Highway 98 in Destin to SR 20 in Niceville. While some of the bridges accept cash payment, you can travel though most of them with a valid toll tag.

Toll booth locations of all tolled bridges in Florida including Sunshine Skyway Bridge and Cape Coral Bridge

Following are the toll bridges in Florida:

  • Broad Causeway[5]
  • Garcon Point Bridge (Toll 281)[6]
  • Pensacola Beach Bridge (Bob Sikes)[7]
  • Gasparilla Bridge (Boca Grande Swing Bridge)[8]
  • Card Sound[9]
  • Hammock Dunes Parkway Bridge[10]
  • Venetian Way Causeway[11]
  • Rickenbacker Causeway (Route 913)[12]
  • Mid-Bay Bridge Toll connector[13]
  • Cape Coral Bridge (Route 867 A)[14]
  • Midpoint Memorial Bridge[15]
  • Sanibel Causeway[16]

Florida express lanes

Express lanes are tolled lanes on a regular interstate or toll road. To keep traffic in check and give drivers the option to prioritise travel time ovee time cost, they apply a dynamic tolling mechanism. In Floirda, there are following express lanes:

  • 95 Express lanes In Broward[17]
  • I-595 Express lanes[18]: I-75/Sawgrass Expressway to Turnpike Mainline
  • I-295 Express lanes[19] in Northeast Florida are under construction
  • Seminole Expressway / SR 417 express lanes[20] are under construction
  • Other future express lanes where tolls are not known before you make the trip.

Do note that to use an express lane, you must have a SunPass or other valid toll tag; Cash or TOLL-BY-PLATE is not accepted.

Disney World Florida Toll

main article: Disney World Florida tolls

The Disney World in Florida sees millions of footfalls every year from US and overseas. You may come across multiple toll roads, bridges and other toll facilities from your place to this destination. When you drive, the common mapping apps such as Google or Apple only show you travel time. You do not get to decide between trip time and trip cost. Disney World Toll Calcualtor shows both trip cost and time along with toll plaza location en route, their toll rates, payment methods and more.

Read more about Disney World Florida tolls and learn which route is more optimal to travel to Disney World from across the US.

How do you pay for toll in Florida

main article: How to Pay Toll in Florida

Most of Florida's toll roads and bridges are installed with electronic toll systems. You can pay tolls in Florida using toll tags such as SunPass and E-Pass throughout the state. Other passes are Leeway, and GIBA Toll Pass which are valid for Lee County and Gasparilla Island Bridge respectively. Some plazas across the state also accept cash and offer TOLL-BY-PLATE payment options.

Do note that not all the passes work everywhere and some toll facilities may accept cash only.

Check out the details of toll payment methods in Florida to see which payment method is accepted where.

How to pay missed toll in Florida

main article: How to Pay Missed Toll in Florida

If you missed paying a toll or do not have an active interoperable transponder in the vehicle when passing through an electronic toll gantry in Florida, then you would be charged through Toll-By-Plate. The vehicle owner receives a toll invoice over mail with details of the toll violation and fine.

On lanes with manned cash plazas, you must pay tolls before crossing the toll facility so there is no concern of missing a toll.

Learn about various ways to pay missed toll in Florida.

SunPass and other toll tags of Florida

main article: SunPass for Florida and Other States

SunPass is accepted in Georgia, North Carolina and Florida along with PeachPass and NCQuickPass

SunPass is an electronic tag that you can install in your windshield to zoom through electronic toll gantries. It is a prepaid toll facility that works across all the Florida toll roads, turnpike, bridges etc. It can also be used in North Carolina and Gerogia. SunPass is interoperable with E-Pass, NC Quick Pass, Peach Pass, Uni, Leeway. It is not compatible with E-ZPass. However, SunPass Pro - a variant of SunPass - is compatible with E-ZPass and is also accepted in all the 17 stats where E-ZPass is valid.

Learn about SunPass tag transponder's working, registration, pricing and get answers to other FAQs regarding SunPass such as:

  • How does a SunPass work?
  • Where can I purchase a SunPass?
  • Can I pay toll in Florida without a SunPass?
  • Can I use SunPass in a rental vehicle?

How do rental cars pay tolls in Florida

Generally, all rental car companies in Florida (and elsewhere in the US) have their own toll payment plan as part of their subscription. They add the incurred toll charges in the bill along with handling charges. This is a convenient way to pay tolls for rental cars but is usually very expensive.

Alternatively, you can buy a SunPass tag (or use the one if you already have[21]) and use it in your rented vehicle. It is advised that while adding the rented car’s license plate in their SunPass account, they should add the start and end dates for the planned usage. Make sure to have no other active transponders in the vehicle beforehand and remove your transponder after your trip.

The same goes for other passes valid across Florida like NC Quick Pass, Peach Pass, and E-Pass.

Note: Do not rely on the TOLL-BY-PLATE payment option for rental cars as the toll invoices are sent to the registered owner of vehicle, not the driver.

Visitor Toll Pass

Visitor Toll Pass[22] is a free and temporary toll pass issued by the Central Florida Expressway Authority[23] to travellers and rental car users. These are available at Orlando International Airport and the vehicle must be returned there only. In general, it is much cheaper than rental car toll programs.

Is Highway 95 a toll road in Florida

Yes, Highway 95 or I95 is a toll road in Florida. It runs through the Miami Dade County between the Golden Glades interchange to downtown Miami for almost 7 miles.

Do note that i95 in Florida operate as an express lane.

Does EZ Pass work on 95 in Florida

Yes, E-ZPass works on 95 Express in Florida. In fact, it is accepted across the entire Florida toll facility and is even compatible with SunPass Pro.

Florida turnpike and other toll facilities agency contacts

The following agencies manage the Florida turnpike, toll roads, bridges and express lanes. For any questions about toll payment methods or your toll bill, please get in touch with the respective agency.

  • Florida Turnpike Enterprise[24]
  • Florida Department of Transportation[25]
  • Central Florida Expressway Authority[26]
  • Town of Bay Harbor Islands[27]
  • Santa Rosa Bay Bridge Authority[28]
  • Santa Rosa Island Authority[29]
  • Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority[30]
  • Monroe County[31]
  • Dunes Community Development District[32]
  • Miami-Dade County[33]
  • Mid-Bay Bridge Authority[34]
  • Lee County Department of Transportation[35]
  • Tampa-Hillsborough County Expressway Authority[36]
  • Osceola County[37]
  • Miami-Dade Expressway Authority[38]
  • Leon County[39]
  • SunPass[40]
  • SunPass wiki[41]
  • LeeWay[42]

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