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What is Peach Pass to Pay Toll in Georgia

The Peach Pass to pay toll in Georgia express lanes is a small electronic transponder that is attached to your vehicle windshield. This transponder is connected to a Peach Pass account so that every time your vehicle passes through a toll booth, the toll amount would be deducted automatically.

Where is Peach Pass accepted

PeachPass is accepted in Georgia, North Carolina and Florida along with SunPass and NCQuickPass

Peach Pass is accepted in Georgia Express Lanes, Florida and North Carolina toll roads. It is also interoperable with Florida’s SunPass and North Carolina’s QuickPass.

If you are using your Pay n GO! Peach Pass in Florida or North Carolina, you will have to first convert it to a personal toll account.

How do I get a Peach Pass transponder

To get a Peach Pass transponder you need to open a Peach Pass account. You can do this by:

  • Online: Visit to apply for an account
  • Apply via the Peach Pass GO! mobile app for Android and iPhone devices
  • Call the Peach Pass Customer Service Center 1-855-PCH-PASS
  • Get a Pay n GO! Peach Pass at participating CVS or Walgreens locations
  • Opening an account in person at a Peach Pass Retail Center

Learn more about PeachPass from the video below:

How much does a Peach Pass Cost

Peach Pass transponders are free. However, when you open a personal Peach Pass account, you will have to deposit a minimum prepaid toll balance of $20, using your debit or credit card. This balance is used to deduct your tolls automatically as and when you pass through a toll point on Georgia express lanes. If your account balance falls below $ 10, you would have to replenish it by making a further payment through your card.

Types of Peach Pass Accounts

Personal Account

A personal account is maintained online and provides you with the option to manage your funds for payment of tolls. You can maintain sufficient funds by making a payment into the account with a debit or credit card to cover tolls and other charges of a Peach Pass. Tolls are deducted automatically as and when you drive through the Georgia Express Lanes. Up to 10 Peach Passes may be linked to any one Personal Toll Account.

Pay-n-Go Peach Pass

The Pay n Go! Peach Pass is similar to a prepaid card and is a solution for those who want to pay tolls with cash. This includes a Peach Pass transponder and Reload Card that can be purchased at Walgreens or CVS retail stores in Georgia. Pay n Go! Peach Pass includes a $2.50 retailer fee and the cost of the prepaid tolls, varying between $20 and $500. With this option, you can manage your account with cash, debit or credit cards. If you are using your Pay n GO! Peach Pass in Florida or North Carolina, you will have to first convert it to a personal toll account.

How to install a Peach Pass transponder

Installing the Peach Pass transponder is simple and can be done by flowing the below instructions. Place the Peach Pass transponder permanently on the inside center of your windshield. This must be done before you get driving on the Georgia Express Lanes. Take care to allow ¾ inch from the center of the mirror and leave 2 inches from the top of the windshield. The Peach Pass must be installed when the windshield’s temperature is above 50⁰ F (10⁰C). If you already have another type of tag installed in your vehicle, and then place the Peach Pass at least 2 inches away from the Peach Pass. If you have a metallized windshield, you would have to bumper mount the Peach Pass instead of the standard windshield tag, to ensure accurate toll readings.

How do I add money to my Peach Pass

Managing your Peach Pass is simple. You can easily add money to Peach Pass by:

  • Check your balance online on and add money as required
  • Use the Peach Pass Go! Mobile App for Android and iPhone devices to check balance and add money
  • Call 1-855-847-5071 to check your money and add money when you need to

What happens if you use the express lane without a Peach Pass

It is a toll violation in Georgia to use the express lane without a registered Peach Pass transponder. An amount of $25 violation fee plus an additional citation from law enforcements could be issued.

Can you transfer a Peach Pass

A Peach Pass cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another. It can be used only with the vehicle that has been registered in the Peach Pass account.

Toll-Exempt Account Applicable only for I85 Express Lanes

The toll-exempt account is applicable only for I-85 Express Lanes, for motorcycle, Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) with the proper AFV license plate, or passenger vehicles occupied by three or more people. No limitations exist on the number of Peach Passes that may be to a commercial toll account.

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