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Central Florida near Orlando has an extensive network of toll facilities including toll roads leading to the Walt Disney World. Below is the toll map showing toll plazas locations on the Central Florida toll roads near Orlando.

Map of Central Florida toll booth locations near Orlando including the roads of  Florida Turnpike

You'll come across the following eight stretches of toll roads in the Central Florida:

  • Turnpike – Northern Coin System
  • Martin Andersen Beachline West Expressway
  • Seminole Expressway
  • Southern Connector Extension
  • Daniel Webster Western Beltway, Part C
  • Wekiva Parkway
  • Osceola Parkway / CR 522
  • Poinciana Parkway

Use Orlando Toll Calculator to calculate toll and gas costs to travel across Central Florida and other toll facilities of Florida.

How do I pay Central Florida tolls

main article: How to Pay Toll in Florida

For all the toll roads under Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX)[1], you can pay Central Florida tolls with:

  • E-Pass (also have access to Reload lanes)
  • SunPass
  • E-ZPass
  • Cash
  • Pay By Plate
  • PayTollo app

Visit the CFXWay website's Payment Option page[2] for detials on how these methods work and which facility accept them.

How much is FL 417 toll

FL 417 is the popular name for SR 417 or Central Florida GreeneWay in Florida. This 54-mile road is a tolled limited-access state highway maintained by both Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) and Florida's Turnpike Enterprise.

FL 417 toll rates for Motorcycle & 2 Axles vehicles on mainline plazas
Mainline Toll Plaza E-Pass Cash Pay By Plate
John Young $1.47 $1.75 $2.94
Boggy Creek $1.47 $1.75 $2.94
Curry Ford $0.88 $1.00 $1.76
University $0.88 $1.00 $1.76

You can use Florida Toll Calculator to calculate tolls and gas costs to travel across FL 417 and other toll facilities of Florida.

Florida Turnpike - Northern Coin System

Map of toll booths on Florida Turnpike-Northern Coin System including I-4, I-75 and I-95

The Florida Turnpike is a north-south toll road operated by Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise[3] and includes the I-4, I-75 and I-95. The exits on these turnpike roads provide easy access to major state roadways. Read more about the highway connections on the Florida Turnpike website [4]. Tolls could be paid by cash, toll-by-plate, SunPass or other valid toll tags.

Martin Andersen Beachline Expressway

Toll booth locations of Florida 528 or Martin B. Andersen Beachline Expressway Toll Plazas in both east and west side

Martin Andersen Beachline West Expressway

The Martin Anderson Beachline Expressway or State Road 528 is an important connection to the Orlando International Airport, the east coast beaches and Cape Canaveral. The Beachline is owned and maintained by three agencies. The Martin Andersen Beachline West Expressway is operated by Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise. This is the westernmost eight miles that run as the Beachline Expressway West.

Martin Andersen Beachline East Expressway

Running as the State Road 528, the Martin Anderson Beachline Expressway also connects the John F. Kennedy Space Center and the aerospace industry with greater Orlando. It extends east from Interstate-4 across State Road 417 and Interstate 95, ending at U.S. Highway 1 in Cocoa. Martin Andersen Beachline East Expressway is operated by the Florida Department of Transportation. It is nine miles east of State Road 520 to the Bennett Causeway at US 1.

Seminole Expressway

Toll booth locations on Florida 417 or Seminole Expressway which extends from the Seminole County line to Interstate 4

The Seminole Expressway is State Road 417 is a 55-mile toll road operated by CFX and Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise in the Orlando region that runs from north to south. It extends from the Seminole County line to Interstate 4 in Sandford.

Southern Connector Extension

Toll booth locations on Southern Connector Extension or Southern end of the Central Florida or Eastern Belt of Orlando

The Southern Connector Extension of the Central Florida GreeneWay is a section of State Road 417. It is also referred to as the southern end of the Central Florida GreeneWay. It forms the eastern belt around the city of Orlando. So although it runs north-south throughout its route; it also runs east-east between Celebration and Country Road 15. After Country road 15, it runs north-south through the rest of its route.

Daniel Webster Western Beltway - Part C

Toll booth locations of Florida 429 or Daniel Webster Western Beltway from Apopka south to Osceola County

Daniel Webster Western Beltway or otherwise the State Road 429 extends from Highway 441 in Apopka south to Interstate 4 in Osceola County. It provides West Orange and Osceola counties with an alternate route, instead of the otherwise heavily travelled Interstate-4.

Wekiva Parkway

Toll booth locations of Wekiva Parkway part of Central Florida Beltway encircling Metro Orlando

The Wekiva Parkway is a five-section parkway that is being constructed by the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX)[5] and is expected to be ready by 2023. The parkway is a 2-mile expressway and serves as an extension to State Road 429 (Daniel Webster Western Beltway). Beginning at SR 429 and SR 414 interchange at US 441 in Apopka, it will go north and then east along the SR 46 alignment in east Lake County and a portion of Seminole County before dipping south to connect to State Road 417 and Interstate-4 in Sanford. It is the final link in the Central Florida Beltway encircling Metro Orlando. The Parkway would be electronically tolled.

Osceola Parkway

Toll booth locations of Osceola Parkway or CR 522 connecting Disney World resort area near Kissimmee and Buena Ventura

The Osceola Parkway / CR 522 [6]  connects the Disney World resort area, near Kissimmee and Buena Ventura. The Parkway is a controlled-access toll road and serves as an important arterial connection across northern Osceola County and southern Orange County. The toll section of the Osceola Parkway runs between Seralago Boulevard, east of the exchange with State Road 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay), and Flora Boulevard, north of Kissimmee. Osceola Parkway Tolls are managed through the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) [7]

Poinciana Parkway

Toll booth locations of Florida 538 or Poinciana Parkway, a part of Metro Orlando area

The Poinciana Parkway [8] or State Road 538 is a 7.2 mile toll road that extends from US 17-92 and Kinny Harmon Road all the way through Osceola County. Cypress Parkway eventually connects with Polk County. The Parkway is a vital north-south connection to theme parks and the metro Orlando area.

Detailed information on each toll road of the West Central Florida near Tampa can be found at Florida's Turnpike System [9].

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