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What is NC Quick Pass

The NC Quick Pass [1] is a transponder (tag) that you can put in your vehicle to pay toll. You don’t need to stop to pay toll.

With an NC Quick Pass transponder, you can:

  • Save up to 35 percent on tolls in North Carolina
  • Eliminate extra fees that can be associated with toll bills
  • Pay lower rates on some E-ZPass, SunPass and Peach Pass toll roads
  • Set HOV status to use the I-77 Express lanes toll-free with three or more people in the vehicle with either the NC Quick Pass E-ZPass Flex or with any NC Quick Pass transponder using the NC Quick Pass HOV App or website

This toll tag gives the most discounted toll rates to travel on any toll facility in the state of North Carolina.

Calculate tolls for North Carolina and other states in the US

Calculate routes, tolls and fuel costs for your travel by car, truck, taxi, bus, caravans (with or without a trailer) in North Carolina and other states of the US using TollGuru Trip Calculator. It also shows the cheapest, fastest and other optimal routes to your destination along with toll plaza(s) location en route, payment methods and more.

Rideshare, OEM, TMS, fleet companies and other transport businesses can leverage toll intelligence by integrating with the TollGuru Toll API for pre-trip calculation and post-trip reconciliation.

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