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What is GeauxPass

Geaux Pass is accepted in Louisiana including Crescent City Connection and the LA-1 Tollway

GeauxPass is tag compatible with the Crescent City Connection[1], the LA-1 Tollway, and all future Louisiana toll roads. The GeauxPass allows toll payment on Louisana toll roads without having the need to stop. Toll payment is done directly from the prepaid GeauxPass account. 

How to get GeauxPass

You can buy GeauxPass in the following ways- 

  • GeauxPass website- Sign up online on the GeauxPass website[2] using an online payment method linked with debit card, credit card or Visa. 
  • Call GeauxPass Customer Service Center- You can contact GeauxPass at 1-866-662-8987 to open a  new GeauxPass. 
  • In Person- Visit the GeauxPass customer service[3] center to open a new GeauxPass account. You can either download an application form from the website or fill an application at the customer service center.
  • Mail– You can mail the application form to GeauxPass, P.O. Box 786, Golden Meadow, LA 70357-0786 

How much is GeauxPass

While creating a GeauxPass account a pre-payment for $20 is made which can later be used to pay toll on Louisiana toll roads. In addition to the prepayment a GeauxPass toll tag will cost $1.59 extra. 

Where can I use GeauxPass 

GeauxPass can be used on LA-1 Tollway, and all future Louisiana toll roads. It cannot be used on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge. You cannot use any out of state transponders in Louisiana. 

How to pay for a GeauxPass account

You can either link your credit or debit card to the account and opt or auto-payment. The account will automatically update when the balance goes below $20. You can also pay by cash at the Golden Meadow Customer Service Center during the usual operating hours. 

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