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THE E-ZPass PA or E-ZPass Pennsylvania[1] is a transponder (toll tag) that you can mount in your vehicle to pay toll electronically in Pennsylvania. You don’t need to stop to pay the toll. It is part of the E-ZPass network and can be used in all the states where E-ZPass is valid.

This toll tag gives the most discounted toll rates to travel on any toll facility in the state of Pennsylvania.

Use E-ZPass Toll Calculator to calculate tolls to travel through Pennsylvania Turnpike and all other US state toll facilities.

Where can I use EZPass PA

Travelers ask thousands of queries every week from TollGuru about EZ Pass coverage, such as the following:

  • Does E-ZPass work in Illinois?
  • Is Ezpass accepted in Florida?
  • Does EZ Tag work all over Texas?
  • Can I use EZ Pass on PA Turnpike?

E-ZPass (or widely termed as ez pass) has a wide acceptance across 17 states in the United States. If you already have an E-ZPass from any of these states, you are good to go.

E-ZPass is accepted in New York. New Jersey, Central Florida and other states with I-Pass, E-Pass NCQuickPass and RiverLink

The table below lists the states where E-ZPass is accepted for toll payment:

Delaware Florida (only in Orlando region) Illinois
Indiana Kentucky Massachusetts
Maine Maryland North Carolina
New Hampshire New Jersey New York
Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island
Virginia West Virginia
Click on the state’s name in the table to see details of the state-specific E-ZPass toll tag.

Where can I get an EZ Pass PA

You can get an E-ZPass PA (also called PA E-ZPass ) online and offline both. You can apply for a Personal or a Commercial account by following methods:

E-ZPass PA Personal Account

A personal E-ZPass account is used by regular commuters and travellers.

  • Sign up and enroll online on E-ZPass PA website[2]
  • Visit AAA offices across Pennsylvania or the E-ZPass Customer Service Center[3]:
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
E-ZPass Customer Service Center
300 East Park Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17111

Once purchased, you must register your transponder within 72 hours.

  • Order by mail by sending an application for E-ZPass PA[4] to their Customer Service Center

You can also fax the application at 717-565-4311

E-ZPass PA Commercial Account

E-ZPass PA Commercial accounts are for businesses with fleets or vehicle(s) used for commercial purposes. It comes as prepaid and postpaid accounts based on eligibility criteria[5] which can be applied in two ways:

1. Apply online on E-ZPass PA portal[6]. You will need to declare the following: Account contact information (Primary billing and Secondary shipping)

  • PA Sales Tax Exemption number (if applicable)
  • EIN number or Driver’s License number
  • Two forms of Automatic Prepaid Replenishment (ACH and/or credit card(s))
  • Vehicle information including License Plate number
  • Bank account and routing numbers for automatic postpaid ACH (optional)

2. Mail the application and supporting documents[7] to their office.

For assistance, call at 736 6727 877 736 6727. (From outside the U.S., call at 561 1522 717 561 1522).

How much does it cost to get a Pennsylvania EZ Pass

The cost to get a Pennsylvania E-ZPass transponder depends on the method of applying for it and the account type (Personal or Business). First you need to open an E-ZPass account where funds and payments are managed.

Cost of Pennsylvania E-ZPass PA Personal Account

The first transponder costs $35, plus a $3 annual fee[8]. Every additional transponder needs $38. No deposit is required though. If you link your bank account or card, auto-replenishment takes place when your balance drops to $10 or less per transponder

On the other hand, if you opt for manual payment (by Personal Check or Cash), a $10 per transponder deposit is required.

Cost of Pennsylvania E-ZPass PA Commercial Account

Businesses with commercial accounts can go with either pre-paid or post-paid payment. The post-paid option is for companies spending $5,000 or more per year on tolls. This option requires a surety bond of $5000 or two-months invoices, whichever is greater.

Note: There is No monthly fee for E-ZPass PA. However, you can ask for a printed detailed monthly statement at the cost of $4 per month for every three transponders.

How do I change vehicle of my PA EZ Pass?

You can change or add new vehicle to your PA E-ZPass account as long as they are of the same call by:

  • Calling the PTC E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 877 736 6727 1 877 736 6727
  • Logging in to your account[9] and updating your vehicle and license plate information

Can I go through EZ Pass lane without my transponder in PA

Yes, you can go through the E-ZPass lane without a transponder in Pennsylvania. The vehicle owner will be mailed a Pay By Plate invoice. The invoice includes a maximum fare based on the point of exit to the farthest entry point on the Pennsylvania Turnpike ticket system plus additional charges. The same amount is charged by the ticket collector if you entered the system through an E-ZPass lane, but I exited through a ticket lane.

What is E-ZPass PA Toll By Plate

PA Turnpike Toll By Plate[10] (commonly called E-ZPass PA Toll By Plate) is a video/license plate tolling system for non-E-ZPass customers. There are cameras mounted overhead on the tolling facilities that capture the vehicle’s license plate and an invoice is mailed to the vehicle owner within 30-45 days.

You can open a Toll by Plate account online[11] and receive an email when your invoice is ready. The payments can be made:

  • Online at Toll By Plate portal of PA Turnpike[12]
  • By mail at:
PO BOX 645631
PITTSBURGH, PA 15264-5254

Note: Toll By Plate rates are higher than E-ZPass PA rates. You can convert your Toll By Plate account to an E-ZPass one to pay less.

FAQs on E-ZPass PA

Following very popular questions asked by hundreds of TollGuru users regarding EZ Pass PA are covered in detail in the main article: E-ZPass Toll Tag.

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How do I pay a missed toll in Pennsylavania

main article: How to pay missed toll in Pennsylvania answers questions like:

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  • How do I pay missed toll if I don't have PA EZ Pass

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