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How to pay missed toll in Pennsylvania

There are cameras that detect the license tag as you go through a toll booth lane in Pennsylvania. If a signal is no tag transponder is detected or you do not have a pre-paid toll-by-plate account, an unpaid toll notice is mailed at the address of the vehicle owner.

The methods of paying an unpaid toll or missed toll in Pennsylvania are the following:


If you are coming into Pennsylvania from New Jersey, across the Delaware River Bridge, without an E-ZPass, you will be sent a Toll-By-Plate invoice. It is processed into a monthly PA Turnpike TOLL BY PLATE invoice.
Pennsylvania missed tolls can be seen online[1]
Visit here[2]to pay the toll missed tolls.

E-ZPass Holder

If you receive an Unpaid Toll Notice or a Uniform Traffic Citation in the mail, you may call the Pennsylvania E-ZPass violation processing center at 877-877-5882 for details and instructions to pay. 

You can also pay Pennsylvania missed toll online[3].

Non-E-ZPass Holder

On receiving an unpaid toll invoice, mail the required payments within ten (10) days to the with your vehicle details on the address below: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Attn: Accounts Receivable
P. O. Box 67676
Harrisburg, PA 17106

To dispute the toll invoice or resolve missed toll or toll violation issues in Pennsylvania, call 717-939-9551 (extension 7471, 7385, 7372, or 7436).

Please check out how to pay toll to learn about toll payment methods in Pennsylvania. As you cannot pay tolls by cash or coins on all toll roads in the USA, it is recommended to buy a relevant Tag.

Pennsylvania toll calculator calculates tolls for cars, trucks, trailers, buses, RVs and motorcycles for the Delaware River Bridge and the free calculator also calculate tolls during peaks and off-peaks, at the time of your travel.

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