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What is ExpressToll

Express Toll is accepted in Colorado including Northwest Parkway

ExpressToll is an electronic tag transponder that lets you pass through the electronic toll gantries in Colorado without stopping to pay for it. Actually, the relevant amount gets deducted from a pre-paid account linked to it.

If you drive the Colorado toll roads very often you will be able to get discounted rates for the route with the ExpressToll. It is a sticker like E-ZPass tag that can be placed on your windshield and you will be able to save up to 20-25% off on the toll costs.

You can use ExpressToll electronic tag to pay tolls on E-470, Northwest Parkway, and CDOT’s Express Lanes. Drivers without an ExpressToll account are mailed a License Plate Toll statement for toll violation. You can use Go-Pass tag to pay tolls on Northwest Parkway.

Calculate your trip cost to travel on Colorado toll roads and express lanes and other regions of the US with ExpressToll using ExpressToll Toll Calculator.

How much does an ExpressToll account cost

There is no cost to open or maintain an ExpressToll account and you may add as many vehicles as you’d like all under one account. However, you are required to start with a pre-paid balance that is to be maintained as well, of $35. This amount is used to deduct tolls.

How to open an ExpressToll account

An ExpressToll account can be opened:

  • Online by visiting the ExpressToll website[1]
  • Call the ExpressToll Service Center at (303) 537-3470 or (888) 946-3470 to sign up.
  • ExpressToll retail location

Once the account is opened you will receive a free windshield-mounted transponder that is to be installed in your vehicle. The transponder is scanned and the toll is automatically billed from the prepaid account balance, when you pass a toll point.

How to install your ExpressToll transponder

The ExpressToll tag must be properly installed for it to work smoothly every time otherwise you may miss a toll.

Watch the video below by the E-470 Public Highway Authority showing how mount the Sticker Tag, Switchable HOV Transponder, or Motorcycle Tag on your vehicle.

The benefits of ExpressToll transponder

Vehicles that do not meet the HOV requirements can either use the express lane and pay a toll with an ExpressToll pass, or use the general purpose lanes for free. ExpressToll users pay 25% less. Following is the summary of using ExpressToll with various vehicles:

  • HOV: Free with a switchable transponder and three or more people in the car
  • Buses, single-occupant vehicles: Pay toll with an ExpressToll account and pass
  • Trucks: Pay surcharge
  • Motorcyclists: Free! Motorcyclists do not need a sticker pass or ExpressToll account to travel the HOV Express Lanes for free.

This video by E-470 Public Highway Authority explains the various benefits of ExpressToll in detail:

Can my ExpressToll transponder be used on other roads outside of Colorado

No, the ExpressToll transponder is only operable with toll facilities in Colorado. You cannot use it in any other states's toll facilities.

Can I use my ExpressToll transponder in rental cars

A rental car license plate can be added to an ExpressToll account. However to ensure you are billed right, the following steps must be taken care of.

  • Add the license plate of the car before journey on a toll road.
  • Include a start and end date when the car drives the road. 
  • Some rental car agencies pre-equip their cars with a non-removable ExpressToll transponder. In such as case you will be automatically opted-in to the rental agency’s toll plan. Contact the rental car agency for more information about this.

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