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Colorado has three toll roads namely:

  • E-470
  • Northwest Parkway
  • Pikes Peak Highway

There are also some express lanes in Colorado as listed below:

  • I-25 Express Lanes
  • US-36 Express Lanes
  • C-470 Express Lanes
  • Central 70 Express Lanes
  • I-70 Mountain corridor express lanes

However, there are no toll bridges or tunnels in Colorado.

Colorado toll roads

The E-470

Toll booth locations on E 470 toll road in Denver through Denver International Airport, Brighton, Douglas County and Adams County

E-470[1] is a 47-mile-long toll road is located in the suburbs of Denver Colorado and traverses the eastern portion of the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area – Douglas County, Parker, Arapahoe County, Aurora, Adams County, Brighton, Commerce City, Thorton. E-470 serves Denver International Airport. It is the most direct route if coming from the North or the South.
If you were to travel the entire length of the road from I-25 in the north to I-25 in the south (or vice versa) it will cost $13.95 for ExpressToll customers, and $22.25 for those License Plate Toll customers.

The Northwest Parkway

Toll booth locations on Northwest Parkway toll roads in Colorado between the intersection of I-25 and E-470 to US 36

The Northwest Parkway[2] is a 9-mile road running from the intersection of I-25 and E-470 to US 36. It costs passenger cars $4 for mainline plaza and $1.35 for the ramp gantries.

The Pikes Peak Highway

Toll booth locations on Pikes Peak Highway in Colorado between Cascade and the summit of Pikes Peak

The Pikes Peak Highway[3] is a 19-mile toll road that runs from Cascade, Colorado to the summit of Pikes Peak. It costs $15 per person or $50 per vehicle from May to November and $10 per person or $35 per vehicle from December to April.

Use the Colorado Toll Calculator to calculate tolls and gas costs to travel through any of the three toll roads in Colorado or other US states.

Toll rates in this section might not be updated recently. Please refer to our toll & trip calculators and the Toll API for latest toll rates. Please send us a feedback if toll rates are not accurate. We will update the information immediately.

Colorado express lanes

I-25 Express Lanes

Toll booth locations on South Florida toll roads near Miami including Florida 821, Sawgrass Expressway and Alligator Alley
Toll booth locations on I-25 Express Lanes, Colorado

The I-25 Express Lanes[4] are two reversible lanes on I-25 between Speer and US 36, and US 36 and 120th Avenue in Downtown Denver Colorado. The new extension connects Downtown Denver to the northern terminus of E-470.

The express lanes are open during peak travel times and provide faster and more reliable travel times. Southbound travel is open 5 a.m. – 11 a.m.. Northbound travel is open noon – 3 a.m. The tolls are variable and higher during peak times.

US-36 Express Lanes

The US 36 Express Lanes [5]connect Boulder to Denver at I-25—specifically from Federal Boulevard in Westminster to Table Mesa Drive in Boulder. There is an Express Lane in each direction, alongside general-purpose lanes. The US 36 Express Lanes connect to the reversible I-25 Central Express Lanes between US 36 and downtown Denver.

C-470 Express Lanes

C-470 Express Lanes [6] are along 12.5 miles of C-470 between I-25 and Wadsworth Boulevard.

Central 70 Express Lanes

The Central 70 Express Lanes [7]are under construction along 10 miles of I-70, between I-25 and Chambers Road.

I-70 Mountain corridor Express Lanes

The I-70 Mountain Express [8] Lane runs eastbound on I-70 from Empire through the Veterans Memorial Tunnels passing Idaho Springs. The lane is only open weekends and holidays and is a shoulder lane when not in use.

Use Colorado toll calculator to calculate tolls and gas costs to travel through any of the express lanes in Colorado or other US states.

How are tolls calculated for trucks in Colorado

Trucks in Colorado pay tolls based on the number of axles. Trucks usually do not travel on the Pikes Peak Highway. You can use free Truck Toll Calculator to calculate trip costs (toll and gas) to travel across Colorado and other US states.

How to pay toll in Colorado

Most of the toll roads and all the express lanes in Colorado are equipped with electronic gantries so it's preferable to pay toll electronically. ExpressToll and Go-Pass are accepted here. Some toll facilities also take cash or Pay-By-Plate.

Learn more about different toll payment methods in Colorado and where do they apply.

How to pay missed toll in Colorado

If you miss a toll in Colorado, a toll statement is sent to the vehicle owner which includes fine and instruction of how to make the payment. Failing to pay missed toll on time may civil penalty in Colorado.

Refer to the ways to pay missed toll in Colorado for more details.

What is ExpressToll

Express Toll is accepted in Colorado including Northwest Parkway

ExpressToll is an electronic tag transponder that can be mounted on a your vehicle's windshield. It'll let electronic toll plazas deduct relevant charges from the linked account whenever you cross them. It works across all the toll roads and express lanes in Colorado.

Learn about ExpressToll working, cost, installation and more.

What is GO-PASS

Go Pass is accepted on Northwest Parkway, Colorado along with Express Toll

Go-Pass[9] is an easy and simple way to pay tolls on the Northwest Parkway of Colorado. Unlike ExpressToll, you need not pre-pay for your tolls; toll invoice will be sent to you after using the toll facilities.

Learn more about Go-Pass toll tag for details of its working, inter-operability, discounts and more.

How is Go-Pass different from ExpressToll

In a Go-Pass you don’t need to pre-pay for your tolls. Bills will be sent after reading the vehicle license plate, to the registered owner of the vehicle. With ExpressToll, you open an account with a pre-paid balance and receive a tag for each vehicle on your account. Tolls are deducted from this account balance when you travel on the toll road.

What is License Plate Toll and Go-Pass Regular

License Plate toll and Go-Pass Regular are video payment systems in Colorado. The registered owner of the vehicle gets a bill for using E-470, Northwest Parkway, and CDOT’s express lanes. License Plate toll users are charged a higher amount than tag transponder users.

Colorado tolling agencies and contacts

Following agencies manage Colorado toll roads and express lanes. For any questions about toll payment methods or your toll bill, please get in touch with respective agency.

  • E-470 Public Highway Authority[10]
  • Northwest Parkway, LLC[11]
  • ExpressToll[12]
  • GoPass[13]

Calculate tolls for Colorado and other states in the US

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