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Methods to pay toll in Colorado

You can pay tolls in Colorado using ExpressToll or Go-Pass tag. If you do not have a toll tag, you will get a video toll/License Plate invoice or GO-PASS Regular bill.

License Plate or Go-Pass Regular toll payment option is available only for the following toll roads and express lanes in Colorado:

  • C-470 Express Lanes [1]
  • Northwest Parkway [2]
  • I-25 HOV Express Lanes [3] and other Express lanes

If you drive the toll road very often, you can get discounted rates for the route with the ExpressToll. It is a sticker that can be placed on your windshield and you will be able to save up to 20-25% off on the toll costs.

There are no cash plazas to stop and pay tolls on Colorado toll roads or express lanes. However, Toll can be paid in cash only at the Pikes Peak Highway[4] in Colorado.

Calculate tolls for Colorado and other states in the US

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