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Kansas turnpike

The Kansas Turnpike is a freeway-standard toll road running across the southwest–northeast direction from the Oklahoma border to Kansas City. It is 236 mile long stretch in total with 22 interchanges and 6 service areas. The turnpike gives access to several major cities in the states of Kansas including Wichita, Topeka, and Lawrence.

Use Kansas Toll Calculator to calculate tolls and gas costs for the entire stretch of the toll road in Kansas and other US states.

How are tolls calculated for trucks in Kansas

In Kansas, the truck toll rates depend upon the number of axles. You can use a K-Tag, EPASS, BestPass Horizon or PrePass' ElitePass tag[1] to avail a 10 percent discount on tolls.

Calculate truck tolls to cross these toll bridges in Kansas using the free truck toll calculator.

Toll rates in Kansas

In Kansas, the toll rates are based upon the length of the trip and the number of axles (class) on the vehicle. To travel between the southern entrance and eastern entrance, 2-axle vehicles pay $15 tolls if paying with cash, $11.15 if using K-Tag. The violation toll charges for 2-axle vehicles for using this length of turnpike are $19.88.

Three toll rates are used for travel on the Kansas Turnpike:

  • Cash toll rate: Travelers who pay at the toll booth can pay this rate with cash or credit card. Cash toll rates chart for all the vehicles can be found at Kansas Turnpike cash toll rates[2].
  • K-TAG electronic rate: Travelers using K-TAG or another compatible transponder pay an electronic rate less than the cash toll rate. Electronic toll rates chart for all the vehicles can be found at Kansas Turnpike electronic toll rates[3].
  • Violation rate: Vehicles that use the electronic lane without a compatible pass will be mailed a violation statement. To avoid being billed at this higher rate, it is advised to use the cash lanes or get a K-TAG. Violation toll charges for all the vehicles can be found at Kansas Turnpike violation toll rates[4].

How to pay toll in Kansas

Kansas turnpike accepts toll tags and cash both. K-Tag is the preferred mode of payment for its discounts. However, video tolling does not exist in Kansas.

Learn details of toll payment methods in Kansas.

How to pay missed toll in Kansas

If a driver exits using an electronic lane without a valid compatible transponder, it is considered as a missed toll which attracts a toll violation rate[5] based upon the vehicle’s class. You can pay for missed tolls online.

Refer to the missed toll payment methods in Kansas for more information. 

What is K-Tag

K Tag is accepted in Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma along with TxTag, PikePass, TollTag, and EZ Tag

K-Tag, like E-ZPass on the east coast toll roads, is an electronic tag that you can install in your windshield to zoom through electronic toll gantries. Currently, K-TAGs can be used on the Kansas Turnpike[6] and any authorised toll roads in Oklahoma and Texas

Learn more about the K-Tag used to pay tolls in Kansas.

Kansas turnpike and toll pass agencies contacts

Following agencies manage Kansas turnpike toll payments. For any questions about toll payment methods or your toll bill please get in touch with the respective agency.

Calculate tolls for Kansas and other states in the US

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