How much do tolls cost in Texas

The tolls in Texas depend upon the toll facilities, vehicle type, payment method and other factors. At 66, Texas has the highest number of toll roads in the US. You can learn about them and their toll rates categorised by their area:

  1. Austin toll roads and toll cost
  2. Dallas toll roads and toll cost
  3. Houston toll roads and toll cost

Following are the car toll rates for major toll facilities in Texas:

Toll FacilityTag Transponder Rate (in USD)License Plate Rate (in USD)
Dallas North Tollway (MLP 1 toll plaza)$1.74$2.61
DFW Airport toll plaza$3$3
Fort Bend Parkway (Fondren toll plaza)$0.67$0.92
Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge$1.39$2.09
Mountain Creek Lake Bridge$0.7$1.05
Sam Houston Tollway (North toll plaza)$1.5$1.75

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