Travel Destinations and Toll Roads in 2021

Golden Gate Bridge tolls, toll plaza, toll tag and more

Traveling for holidays? Relax. Let TollGuru take care of tolls.

Millions of would-be holiday travelers prepare for road trips by reading about “Where should I go on holidays”, “What are the top US vacation destinations”,  “Best road trips to take in 2021” and the list goes on. For some, the reading included “Best places to travel during covid”.

When we think of road trip costs, most of us do not plan beyond gas costs and miles to drive to our destination. We neglect to include tolls. Safe to say you’re not among them since you are reading this article. After all, many of the roads leading to the top tourist attractions in US levy tolls. From Mount Mansfield Summit on Auto Toll Road, Fort Frances Toll Bridge in International Falls, Florida Turnpike in Miami to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Let’s see what's the best way to deal with tolls. 

In the US, 35 of the states have toll facilities and some of them are among the costliest in the world. So, that’s one problem. Another one: even if you own a toll tag to pay tolls in your state, it may be possible that the tag doesn't work for the whole of your journey. Avoiding toll roads may not be an option. When you look, you find that Google maps, Apple maps, TomTom and others do not provide toll information.

TollGuru helps you do just that...and more!

Better yet, the app shows the Cheapest and Fastest way to your destination by comparing routes for costs (tolls, gas etc.) and time (traffic, distance etc.) factors. 

Post-pandemic, everyone is looking to save. A $50 savings in your trip budget can buy you more coffee. Especially when you are out to enjoy your holidays with time in your hands. That’s why TollGuru is already the go-to trip planner app for millions in the US and 50+ other countries. 

Let’s help you find a travel destination and show how TollGuru can save you travel time or expenses.

Best holiday destination in the US for 2021

  • Miami beaches, Florida
  • Yosemite National Park, California
  • Mount Mansfield, Vermont
  • Summit County, Colorado
  • Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
  • Whiteface Mountain, New York
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Mt. Washington, New Hampshire
  • Fort Kent, Maine
  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Now, let’s see how a trip from New York to Miami looks like with TollGuru.

TollGuru shows the cheapest route to travel from NYC to Miami is $25 less than a typical fast route in tolls for a car.
TollGuru helps save ~ $25 in tolls for a trip between New York City, NY and Miami, FL

Best road trip in US for 2021

  • The All-American ‘Route 66’ Road Trip
  • The Loneliest Road Trip on US-50
  • The Pacific Coast Highway
  • Atlantic Floridian Coast Road Trip
  • Lassen Scenic Byway

Those taking the classic Route 66 road trip, are likely to encounter tolls in Indiana and Illinois. With TollGuru, avoid them all. 

TollGuru shows the cheapest route to travel from Chicago to Davenport, while taking Route 66 road trip, is toll free whereras the fastest one costs $5 in tolls.
Tolls between Chicago to Davenport

There you go. Need the TollGuru app ASAP? Get it on iOS & Android.

For those thinking — Well, it’s helpful but… “What if I miss a toll?”, “How will my rental car be tolled?” or similar questions. We thought of you already. Check out TollWiki for all your toll-related queries. And if you're in the business to help people travel hassle-free (like us) rentals, rideshares, taxis etc. leverage toll intelligence by integrating Toll API. Our clients have saved up to $300M in tolls and customer billing. 

So, see you on the road! And remember, If it’s Tolls, it’s TollGuru!

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