How much are Orlando Tolls

Toll roads in Orlando are among the longest and most travelled ones of Florida toll facilities. Most of the plazas here accept toll tags- SunPass, E-ZPass, E-Pass, Leeway, Peach Pass, NC Quick Pass and Uni.

Car toll rates for major toll plazas in Orlando, Florida
Toll Plaza Tag Toll Rate (USD)
Orlando (I-4) $0.54
SR 520 $0.26
Beachline Mainline $0.92
52 - CR 46A / Sanford $0.26
West Plaza $1.80
Western Beltway Plaza $1.07
Mt. Plymouth Maine Line $0.78/td>
Osceola Parkway $0.54
North of KOA Street $0.51

Calculate Orlando for all its toll roads, for all the vehicles and more using Orlando Toll Calculator.

To see how much toll costs to travel to Walt Disney, Orlando, refer to Disney World Florida tolls.

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