How do I Pay Bay Bridge Toll Without FasTrak

There are three ways to pay Bay Bridges toll without FasTrak:

  1. License Plate Account
  2. One-Time Payment
  3. Toll Invoice

These payment methods are valid for other Bay Area toll bridges in California as well. 

License Plate Account

If you prefer “pay-as-you-go”, you should open a License Plate Account. It enables your license plate to be detected and charged from the linked account as a pre-paid system. You can recharge your License Plate Account with:

  1. Credit card
  2. Cash (by visiting cash payment location)
  3. Check (to the Customer Service Center)

Note: License Plate Accounts are not recommended for rental vehicle users.

One-Time Payment

It is a temporary account to pay Bay Bridge tolls for a specific period of time i.e. 48 hours post-trip or up to 30 days pre-trip. It is preferred for rental vehicles.

Generally, the license plate number is used to link to your payment. Instead, you can also specify the vehicle's make, model, year, axle count, and optionally its VIN, to pay future tolls. You can make the payment:

  1. Online
  2. Over the phone
  3. By contacting the customer service at 877-229-8655. 

Note: With One-Time Payment, you cannot pay express lane tolls and cannot travel in the carpool lane.

Toll Invoice

In case of no FasTrak transponder and accounts (either with License Plate or One-time program) associated with the vehicle, a toll invoice to the vehicle's registered owner. It can be paid:

  1. Online
  2. Over the phone at 877-229-8655)
  3. By mail at FasTrak Violations, PO Box 26925, San Francisco, CA 94126
  4. By visiting a Cash Payment Location

If it is paid within 21 days, no extra fees are added. However, later than that it will escalate to toll evasion notices, penalties and even withholding of your vehicle registration by the DMV.

Use the Bay Area Toll Calculator to calculate tolls between any bridge in the Bay Area or other California toll bridges, roads or express lanes for all payment methods.

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