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In California, the preferred method to pay tolls is Fastrak toll tag. You can also pay tolls in California using NationalPass. Some toll roads, bridges and other toll facilities also accept Pay-by-plate (video toll system), cash, phone or by mail.

Pay toll online in California

In California, there are two ways to pay toll online:

  • Create a FasTrak account[1]: With it installed on your vehicle you can pay on the go
  • Open a Licence Plate Account[2] : You'll be delivered a toll bill frequently which can be paid with a credit card, cash or check. 

Pay toll by cash in California

Most of the toll plazas in California are being converted into fully electronic ones including the Golden Gate Bridge toll palzas, Orange County toll roads and express lanes. They do not accept cash. Cash payment is accepted only at S Bay Expressway (SR 125) toll road of California. You can pay tolls in cash at all the toll bridges in California along with the 17 Mile Drive as well.

Do note that you can make payment for toll invoices and toll violations in cash at certain FasTrak Service Center locations in California[3].

Pay toll by Pay-by-Plate in California

You can pay tolls by Pay-by-Plate method or video toll on the following California toll roads:

  • S Bay Expressway (SR 125)
  • Eastern Toll Roads (SR 133)
  • Foothill Toll Road (SR-241)
  • Eastern Toll Roads (SRs 241/261)
  • San Joaquin Hills Toll Road (SR 73)

All the toll bridges in California also accept this payment method. However, you cannot use Pay-by-Plate on SR 91 and other express lanes of California.

Pay toll over phone in California

Toll payment in California can be done using a 24-hour automated system at 877-229-8655. The customer service representative is available during business hours from Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. To pay from outside U.S. use +1-415-486-8655

Pay toll by mail in California

Toll payment can be done by mailing your toll fee to the customer service centre. It should include the details of the toll invoice or toll violation number or account number on the check. Mail your toll fee at:

  • FasTrak Invoices: PO Box 26879, San Francisco, CA 94126
  • FasTrak Violations: PO Box 26925, San Francisco, CA 94126

How to pay toll on the Golden Gate Bridge

Main article: Golden Gate Bridge Toll

Golden Gate Bridge has an all-electronic no stop tolling in the southbound direction heading towards San Francisco. You can pay toll on the Golden Gate Bridge with: 

  1. FasTrak account
  2. Licence Plate Account
  3. One-Time Payment 
  4. Toll Invoice 

How to pay toll on California express lanes

Express lanes in California use electronic toll collection service. The toll rates are displayed overhead on the electronic pricing signs. Toll payment can be done through a FasTrak toll tag. You cannot use cash to pay tolls on express lanes.

Calculate tolls for California and other states in the US

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