Toll Intelligence for Logistics, Freights, Carriers and Load Boards

Make your logistics business cost-efficient; get cost-based, optimal routing options.

Be toll prepared, to avoid violations and fines. 


Profitable loads. Smart Dispatching. Timely reimbursements.

Toll API enables all logistics businesses to break down trip costs and time – before leaving. It also suggests vehicle-compliant and cost-optimal routes for a hassle-free trip. Also, the post-trip expense (tolls, gas, mileage, labor etc.) reconciliation eliminates reimbursement delays of weeks to seconds!



Profitable loads

Calculate and compare trip expenses (tolls, fuel etc.) and timing (duty hours, ETA etc.) to know if the trip is profitable or not, and make smart decisions for your business.

Trip costs

Dispatch easily and smartly

See multiple vehicle-compliant routes and toll plazas, rest areas, fuel stations etc. on the map to choose from. Dispatch on the fastest or the cheapest route easily. 

Post trip toll billing API. TollGuru let's you calculate accurate post trip tolls using toll billing API.

Quick toll reconciliation

Get instant toll reconciliation and state mileage report post-trip. Cut delays in generating accurate bills for customers and reimbursements for drivers. 

Add tolls to any map within minutes- Google Maps, Apple Maps, Azure Maps, Here Maps. TollGuru toll API is map independent.

Make your logistics business cost-efficient

With a steep rise in transportation costs and skyrocketing fuel prices, your business needs solutions to cut down on costs. 

Unlike the widely used routing software, TollGuru shows you multiple route options (the fastest, the cheapest, and other routes) between an origin and destination along with the total trip costs for each route including toll cost, fuel cost, labor charges, and other expenses. Accurate costs estimates can help your business to quote accordingly by always keeping the profit margins in check.


Hassle-free dispatch to avoid fines or violations

Not all roads allow trucks or goods carriers. A driver can come to an unexpected halt before a bridge or tunnel whose permitted vehicle dimensions do not match his vehicle. Toll API solves the vehicle dispatch and navigation puzzle by suggesting optimal routes as per vehicle dimensions, axle counts, load type (HAZMAT) etc. considering permissible time to pass. 

For interstate trips, knowing the accepted payment modes for toll payments in advance saves the drivers from the hassle of dealing with toll violations.

Add tolls to any map within minutes- Google Maps, Apple Maps, Azure Maps, Here Maps. TollGuru toll API is map independent.

Quickest way to reconcile tolls for bills and reimbursements

The time taken for toll bill reconciliation depends on tolling agencies and can stretch to over a month. In addition, filing for IFTA tax can be cumbersome and inaccurate by crunching numbers from every trucker’s manual readings. 

Use GPS tracks or polylines for instant toll reconciliation with our post-trip toll intelligence. The API can also auto-generate state mileage reports for each vehicle making it easy to calculate precise IFTA tax and driver reimbursements. 

Add toll intelligence that powers millions trips everyday

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