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How to pay toll in Melbourne

You can pay toll for Melbourne toll roads using a Linkt account, Melbourne toll pass, BPAY and cash.

Toll payment methods on Melbourne toll road

If you have Travelled Recently on any Melbourne Toll Roads you may choose the method of payment depending upon when you travelled

A) Online

Payment for the toll notice can be done using Linkt website or app using a debit card or credit card.

B) BPay

You can pay toll notice using BPAY using the reference number found at the bottom of the statement and invoice. The payment for toll invoices can only be made on or before the due date.

C) Cash

In person cash payments can be made only at participating newsagents or United Petroleum Outlets. While paying make sure to take the statement, toll invoice or notice alongwith. You can find a nearby outlet accepting payments using the Linkt nearby outlet locator.

D) Over the Phone

Payments for toll notice can be made over the phone on 13 33 31 using a debit card or credit card.

E) Account

Payment for toll notice can be done by transferring the Toll Invoice to an existing Linkt account or creating a new account on Linkt.


BPAY can be used to pay toll directly from the bank account if the Linkt Account is set up for manual payments. Toll invoices and notices can also be paid via BPay. A BPay biller code is mentioned at the bottom of the statement/notice to be used while making payment for toll. BPay can only be used on or before the due date.

Auto Payment

Setting up auto payments in the Linkt account enables the user to automatically top up the balance when it falls below a specified trigger amount. The user gets the option of choosing the trigger amount and auto payment amount. It can be done on Linkt App or online at the Linkt Account.

What happens if you miss paying a toll on Melbourne toll road

For any unpaid travel on a tolled road a toll invoice or notice is issued with a due date. You can pay toll notice in the following ways-

A) Travelled on a Melbourne toll road in the last 5 days

You can open an account or buy a Melbourne toll pass on Linkt and backdate the start date to include the trip. The Melbourne Pass covers up to 5 days on CityLink and up to 3 days on EastLink.

B) Travelled on a Melbourne toll road in the last 6-10 days

You can open a Linkt account or buy a Melbourne toll pass and backdate it to include the trip. For an already existing Linkt account you can link your licence plate number to the account for toll payment. Alternatively, you can wait for the invoice to be delivered within 4 weeks of travel with an additional charge.

C) Travelled on a Melbourne toll road over 10 days ago

If you don’t have a Linkt account or Melbourne toll pass and you travelled on a Melbourne toll road more than 10 days ago you will receive a toll invoice in the mail within 4 weeks of travel. Toll invoice is issued to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Additional charges on toll invoice

A toll invoice includes an additional charge as administration fees. If the toll fee remains unpaid a final toll invoice is sent along with additional administration fees.

Toll Invoice Admin Fees is as follows

Invoice TypeFee
Toll Invoice$13.40
Final Toll Invoice$26.14

Melbourne Toll Calculator

The Melbourne Toll Calculator calculates tolls for all toll motorways, roads, bridges and tunnels in Australia for cars, trucks, buses heavy vehicles, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles for peak and off-peak hours.

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