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The Ontario province is home to the toll highway 407 ETR: one the most busiest tolled route in Canada. The province also shares two toll bridges with Michigan, USA and seven toll bridges with New York, USA. There is also a toll tunnel between Ontario and Michigan connecting Canada and the US.

407 ETR highway

The 407 ETR[1] is a major toll highway in Ontario. It is an all-electronic open-access toll highway where tolls can be paid online and offline (over call, by cheque etc.).

Refer to the 407 ETR toll highway for 407 ETR calculator for tolls and more information on this toll highway.

Ontario toll bridges

Ontario-Michigan toll bridges

Following are the two toll bridges that Ontario shares with Michigan (USA):

1. The Ambassador Bridge[2] is a four-laned suspension bridge that connects Detroit, Michigan, United States, with Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The travellers needs to cary custom documents[3] to cross the border using the bridge.

2. The Blue Water Bridge[4] is a twin-span international bridge across the St. Clair River that links Port Huron, Michigan, United States, and Point Edward, Ontario, Canada. The Blue Water Bridge connects Highway 402 in Ontario with both Interstate 69 (I-69) and Interstate 94 (I-94) in Michigan. It currently ranks as the fourth busiest Ontario international crossing for total vehicles and is the second busiest for number of commercial vehicle (truck) crossings.

Cars/RV pay $3.00 USD (or $4.00 CAD) while travelling to Canada and $3.25 USD (or $4.25 CAD) while travelling to US as toll charges. Toll for each extra axles is $3.25 USD (or $4.25 CAD). Trucks & buses pay $3.25 USD (or $4.25 CAD) per axle while travelling to Canada and $3.50 USD (or $4.50 CAD) per axle while travelling to US as toll charges.

Ontario-New York toll bridges

There are seven toll bridges in Ontario that connects to the US state of New York:

  • Ogdensburg-Prescott Bridge[5]
  • Lewiston-Queenston Bridge[6]
  • Whirlpool Rapids Bridge[7]
  • Rainbow Bridge[8]
  • Peace Bridge[9]
  • Thousand Islands Bridge[10]
  • Seaway International Bridge (Cornwall-Massena)[11]

You can calculate your trip's tolls and gas costs using Ontario Toll Calculator. The calculator also shows the toll plaza(s) locations en route, payment methods, discounts applied for your vehicle type and more.

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Ontario toll tunnels

Ontario has only one toll tunnel: The Detroit–Windsor Tunnel[12]. The toll tunnel of Ontario connects Detroit, Michigan with Windsor, Ontario. It is the second busiest crossing between the United States and Canada, connecting Jefferson Avenue (near I-375 and M-10) and Goyeau Street.

Vehicles pay a toll fee to pass the tunnel. Motorcycles are prohibited from using the tunnel. Nexpress® account holders pay discounted toll rates.

You can calculate your trip's tolls and gas costs to cross the Detroit–Windsor Tunnel and other tolled facilities of Ontario using the Ontario Toll Calculator. The calculator also shows the toll plaza(s) locations en route, payment methods, discounts applied for your vehicle type and more.

How to calculate truck toll in Ontario

Trucks in Ontario pay tolls on 407 ETR, and toll bridges and tunnel based on their number of axles.

Calculate truck tolls to cross these tolled facilities of Ontario and other provinces and territories of Canada using Truck Toll Calculator.

Ontario tolling agencies and contacts

To open a discount account, to get transponders such as A-Pass or NEXPRESS® or for any questions about toll payment methods or your toll bill please get in touch with respective agency:

  • 407 ETR: It is operated by 407 ETR Concession Company Limited[13] and can be conacted at 407 ETR conatct us page[14].
  • The Ambassador Bridge: The bridge is owned by Grosse Pointe billionaire Manuel Moroun through the Detroit International Bridge Company in the United States and the Canadian Transit Company in Canada. For questions, please reach out at The Ambassador Bridge here[15].
  • Blue Water Bridge: The Canadian portion of the Blue Water Bridge is owned and operated by The Blue Water Bridge (B.W.B)[16]. The B.W.B is responsible for the Canadian plaza operations, maintenance of the Canadian side of the bridge, capital infrastructure improvements, and toll collection. Specifically, the B.W.B is responsible for the toll collection for westbound traffic (Canada to United States) and the provision of toll collection booths, Customs & Immigration booths and bridge capacity. For questions, please reach out at Blue Water Bridge here[17].
  • Detroit-Windsor Tunnel LLC[18]
  • Seaway International Bridge Corporation[19]
  • Thousand Islands Bridge Authority[20]
  • Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority[21]

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