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Alaska toll tunnel

Alaska has only one toll tunnel: Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, better known as the Whittier tunnel. This Alaska toll tunnel is 2.5 mile long and connects the port city of Whittier on Prince William Sound to the Seward Highway and Southcentral Alaska.

The tunnel [1] is used by both automobiles and trains to travel to the Whittier city in Alaska. It allows a single lane of automobile traffic to drive directly over the railroad track area. Automobiles and trains take turns using the tunnel. The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities operates the tunnel as a highway most of the day during the summer and winter.

It costs 13 dollars for 2-axle vehicles to travel to Whittier.

You can calculate the cost of toll and fuel to drive through the Alaska tunnel using our Alaska Toll Calculator.

How are tolls calculated for trucks in Alaska

Trucks in Alaska pay tolls based on the number of axles, whether they pull trailers or not, and weight.

You can calculate the toll and fuel cost to travel across the toll tunnel by truck(s) and other parts of the US using our truck toll calculator.

TollGuru toll calculator uses following table to match vehicle type defined by Anton Anderson Tunnel and number of axles drop down in the toll calculator.

TollGuru Vehicle TypeTunnel Vehicle TypeDescription
Truck 2-axlesB1Trucks with a gross weight less than 12,000 pounds pulling trailers
Truck 3-axlesB2Trucks with a gross weight 12,000 pounds or more, no more than three axles, not pulling trailers
Truck 4-axlesDTrucks with a gross vehicle weight 12,000 pounds or more, three or more axles, pulling trailers
Truck 5-axlesDTrucks with a gross vehicle weight 12,000 pounds or more, three or more axles, pulling trailers
Truck 6-axlesDTrucks with a gross vehicle weight 12,000 pounds or more, three or more axles, pulling trailers

How to pay toll in Alaska

The toll tunnel in Alaska – Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel aka Whitter Tunnel, has manned toll booths that accept cash only - in USD. You can pay either for a single trip or buy a booklet[2] to save on future trips. Do note that TollGuru toll calculator calculates tolls assuming you are not a frequent traveler and will not buy a booklet.

No electronic toll collection system exists at the tunnel. So you cannot pay tolls in Alaska using E-ZPass or other tag transponder or video payment system. You must pay the toll every time while crossing the tunnel (if you do not subscribe to the booklet).

How to pay missed toll in Alaska

The toll tunnel in Alaska collects toll at manned toll booths that accept cash only. Motorists must pay the toll before crossing the bridge therefore there is no concern of toll violation or missed tolls in Alaska.

Alaska tunnel tolling agencies

The Alaska toll tunnel is maintained and administered by the State of Alaska Department of Transportation Public Facilities.

  • Official website:
  • Mailing address: Department of Transportation & Public Facilities, PO Box 112500, 3132 Channel Drive, Juneau, Alaska 99811-2500
  • Email address:

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