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What is Good To Go

Good To Go Pass is accepted in Washington but not on Bridge of Gods and Hood River Bridge

A Good To Go! Pass, like E-ZPass on the east coast, is a tag transponder you put in your vehicle to pay tolls electronically.

You can calculate your trip cost by car, RV, truck and other vehicle with Good To Go! Pass using our Good To Go! Toll Calculator.

How to open a Good To Go pass account

  • Online: You can open the account through[1]
  • By phone: Good To Go account can also be opened by talking to the customer service representative at 1-866-936-8246. 
  • By mail: You can download the form from the Good To Go website and send the filled out the form and send to the authority. 
  • In person: You can also fill out an application form at the customer service center. Find the details of the customer service centers[2].

What is required to open a Good To Go account details 

  • Provide your personal details
  • License plate number and the state
  • Type of license plate, if you have any special kind. 
  • The make, model, color and year of the vehicle. 
  • Load a $30 initial account balance to pay for tolls
  • You can set an automatic-replenishment system of payment. For any alternative method you may call Customer Service at 1-866-936-8246 to set up your account. 

Where to purchase a Good To Go Pass

You can purchase a Good To Go! pass in 3 ways:

  • Good to Go website can be used to buy a pass online. It is mandatory to create a new account or sign in to an existing account to be able to purchase a pass. 
  • In Person from the walk-in customer service center[3] of Good To Go or call to the customer service center representative at 1-866-936-8246 
  • Visit a participating retail store[4] in person to buy the pass. 

How to Activate my Good To Go pass

To activate a Good to Go! pass purchased at a retail store, you need to open a new account or add it to your existing account at the Good to Go website. Alternatively, you can also activate the pass by calling at [1].

What are the types of Good To Go passes

  • Good To Go Sticker Pass- The sticker comes for $5 and can be mounted permanently to the car. You cannot transfer the sticker to another vehicle as it gets damaged.
  • Good To Go Flex Pass- Good To Go Flex Pass is best suited for carpoolers on SR 167 or I-405. The Flex pass costs $15 each and mounts on the inside windshield near the rearview mirror. Flex Pass lets you opt for a free trip on the I-405 express toll lanes or SR 167 HOT lanes when you qualify as a carpool. To get more information on carpool visit the carpool page of Good To Go! Pass[5].
  • Good To Go Motorcycle Pass– The Good To Go Motorcycle pass comes for $8 each. It is a permanent sticker that fixes to motorcycle headlamp with clear backing.
  • Good To Go License Plate Pass– The Good To Go License Plate Pass costs for $12 each. It is best suited for vehicles with windshields containing metal in the glass and mounts horizontally to the top of the front license plate using screws.

What should I do if I am having problems with Good To Go Pass

Call 1-866-936-8246 [2] or visit Good To Go customer service center[6] immediately if you are having any problem with the pass including if it is lost, stolen or damaged. You can also visit their customer service centre to have your problem solved. 

How much does a Good To Go pass cost

The cost of a Good To Go pass ranges from $5 to $15 plus tax, depending on the type of pass you choose to buy. The cost of the passes is deducted from the linked account balance.

How many cars can I link to my Good To Go account

You can add up to six vehicles on your Good To Go account. However, for a commercial or government account there is no limit to the number of vehicles allowed. For government accounts, you may email to {mailto:].

How to pay for a Good To Go account

  • Auto Pay- An account is created with a balance of $30 which funds future tolls. When the account balance reaches a low balance of $8, the credit or debit card is automatically billed for another $30 to refill the account. You can opt to adjust the auto-pay limit to a higher amount as well.
  • One-Time Manual Payment: With one-time manual payment you will receive a low balance email when the balance in account reaches $8, but it’s up to you to add funds to your account to keep a positive balance while travelling. 
  • Date-Based Recurring Payment: You can set up date-based payments to your Good To Go account to occur twice a month. This method of option is only available with a bank account direct transfer (ACH payment). You can set the Payments limit of your own choice. Your account will not automatically replenish when it reaches a low balance. If the account balance goes below $0, you will be sent a toll bill in the mail that is not linked to your account.
  • Cash Payments: To pay for a Good To Go account you can visit the Good To Go walk-in customer service center[7].

How to install your Good To Go transponder

Watch the video below to learn how to properly install a Goo To Go toll tag:

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