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The province of Nova Scotia has one toll highway called the Cobequid Pass Toll Highway. It also has two toll bridges: Angus L. Macdonald Bridge and A. Murray MacKay Bridge locally famous by “the old bridge” and “the nre bridge” respectively.

Nova Scotia toll highway

Cobequid Pass Toll Highway is the major toll highway in Nova Scotia.

The Cobequid Pass Toll Highway[1] is a 45 km (28 mi) tolled section of Trans Canada Highway 104 between Thomson Station, Cumberland County and Masstown, Colchester County in northern Nova Scotia. Cobequid Pass is twinned, four lanes highway with five full interchanges, six major bridges and five large tunnels under the road for access to land parcels, snowmobile trails and wildlife passages.

Nova Scotia toll bridges

Following are the two toll bridges in Nova Scotia:

  • The Angus L. Macdonald Bridge[2], also known as “the old bridge”, is a suspension bridge crossing Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia. The bridge is one of two suspension bridges linking the Halifax Peninsula to Dartmouth in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Large commercial vehicles (vehicles weighing over 3200 kg (7055 lb)) are not permitted to cross the bridge and must use the wider MacKay Bridge to cross the harbour to the northwest. Public transit buses are allowed to cross the bridge.
  • The A. Murray MacKay Bridge[3], also known as “the new bridge”, is a another suspension bridge linking the Halifax Peninsula with Dartmouth in Nova Scotia. This is the only harbour bridge which permits semi-trailers and large trucks to cross the harbour. Pedestrians and bicycles are not permitted on the A. Murray MacKay Bridge; they may use dedicated lanes on the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge instead.

A written letter of permission for all slow moving and oversized vehicles wishing to cross the MacKay Bridge. These vehicles include: Crane, Backhoe, Wheel Loader, Grader, Asphalt Spreader, Forklift, Tractor or any other vehicle which is not a car or a pick-up truck, that HHB believes may impede the normal flow of traffic. Depending on the height, width and weight of the vehicle and HHB escort may be required

Both the Macdonald and MacKay bridges are tolled bridges. There are toll plazas on the Dartmouth side of each bridge. Users pay for the bridge going in both directions. There are five toll lanes in each direction on the Macdonald and seven toll lanes in each direction on the MacKay.

Toll rates for Nova Scotia toll highway and bridges

Toll rates for Cobequid Pass Toll Highway can be found at Cobequid Pass toll rates page[4].

The toll you pay to cross the Macdonald or MacKay Bridge is based on the number of axles on your vehicle. Most passenger vehicles and light trucks pay $1.00 if using a MACPASS and $1.25 if paying with cash. The cash lanes accept quarters, $1 coins and $2 coins. The coin baskets will not accept dimes, nickels or pennies. The sidewalk and bicycle lane are free of charge to use. Detailed toll rates for these bridges can be found at Angus L. Macdonald & MacKay Bridge toll rates page[5].

You can calculate your trip's tolls and gas costs to travel through the Nova Scotia toll highway and brides using Nova Scotia Toll Calculator. The calculator also shows the toll plaza(s) locations en route, payment methods, discounts applied for your vehicle type and more.

Toll rates on this section might not be updated recently. Please refer to our toll & trip calculators and the Toll API for latest toll rates. Please send us a feedback if toll rates are not accurate. We will update the information immediately.

How are truck tolls calculated for Nova Scotia

Trucks pay tolls on Cobequid Pass Toll Highway and toll bridges in Nova Scotia based on number of axles.

Calculate truck tolls to cross these tolled facilities of Nova Scotia and other provinces and territories of Canada using Truck Toll Calculator.

How to pay toll in Nova Scotia

There are different toll payment options for paying tolls on Nova Scotia toll highway and toll bridges:

Pay toll on Cobequid Pass toll highway

  • E-Pass – A tag transponders that you mount in your vehicle to pay electronically or
  • Pay in cash

Pay toll on the Macdonald Bridge and MacKay Bridge

  • MACPASS – A tag transponders that you mount in your vehicle to pay electronically or
  • Pay in cash

MACPASS offers a discount over using cash as well as added convenience. You can use any lane with your MACPASS and there are dedicated MACPASS-only lanes to make your trip more efficient.

Video toll or pay by plate toll payment option does not exist for Nova Scotia toll highway or bridges.

What is E-Pass tag

The E-Pass[6], a transponder (tag), is a small, electronic device that we put on the inside of the vehicle’s windshield. It can be tucked behind the rear-view mirror and is used to calculate and pay the tolls electronically. You don’t need to stop to pay toll.

Refer to the E-Pass page to read more about its benefits and intallation.

What is MACPASS tag

The MACPASS[7] is the electronic tolling system of Halifax Harbour Bridges (HHB). MACPASS allows users to pass through the toll lanes of the Angus L. Macdonald and A. Murray MacKay bridges without stopping and at a less expensive rate than using cash, making it the best way to cross the harbour.

Refer to the MACPASS page to read more about its benefits and intallation.

Nova Scotia tolling agencies and contacts

The Cobequid Pass Toll Highway[8] is a public–private partnership; the highway is owned by the Highway 104 Western Alignment Corporation[9], a Crown corporation of the Government of Nova Scotia, with toll plaza operated under contract by Atlantic Highway Management Corporation Limited[10], a subsidiary of Aecon Concessions.

The Angus L. Macdonald Bridge and MacKay Bridge are operated and maintained by Halifax Harbour Bridges (HHB)[11]. Halifax Harbour Bridges is the operating name of a Nova Scotia provincial Crown corporation legally named the Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission.

To get E-Pass or MACPASS or for any questions about toll payment methods or your toll bill please get in touch with respective agency:The Cobequid Pass Toll Highway: Atlantic Highway Management Corporation Limited[12]The Angus L. Macdonald Bridge and MacKay Bridge: Halifax Harbour Bridges (HHB)[13]

Calculate tolls for Nova Scotia and other provinces or territories of Canada

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