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Utah toll roads

The Adams Avenue Parkway[1] is the only toll road running across the state of Utah. It connects US-89 to I-84 near Washington Terrace, Utah. The toll road allows commuters to bypass the rest of US-89 through Washington Terrace to I-84. 2-axle cars pay $1.00 toll to use the toll road.

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How are tolls calculated for trucks in Utah

On Utah toll roads, trucks pay tolls based on the number of axles. 2-axle trucks pay $1.00 toll to use the toll road. Each additional axle costs 50 cents.

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How to pay toll in Utah

You can pay tolls only with cash on Utah toll road.

However, you can complete an application to get an ExpressCard which is sort of a tag if you use bar-coded vehicle decals to pay electronically. The Adams Avenue Parkway does not have video tolling system.

How to pay missed toll in Utah

The toll plaza at Adams Avenue Parkway in Utah is a manned one that only accepts cash or Expresscard. You must pay the relevant toll on the spot to go through so there is no issue of missed toll or toll violation in Utah.

Utah tolling agencies

Adams Avenue Parkway, Inc[2] manages tolls on The Adams Avenue Parkway in Utah. For any questions about toll rates or payment methods, please get in touch with the agency.

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