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New Hampshire turnpikes

There are three turnpikes in New Hampshire: 1. Blue Star turnpike 2. Spaulding turnpike (also known as the Eastern turnpikes) 3. FE Everett Turnpike or Central turnpike

Blue Star Turnpike

The Blue Star Turnpike[1] extends from the Massachusetts state line in Seabrook to the Maine state line in Portsmouth. It parallels the seacoast and is the major artery for tourist traffic to the New Hampshire coast. The route also connects with several major highways in NH, including NH 101, US 4 and the Spaulding Turnpike.

Spaulding Turnpike

The Spaulding Turnpike[2] extends from Portsmouth to Exit 18 in Milton. At 33.2 miles, it is the major north-south artery in the eastern corridor of the state. The turnpike connects the Blue Star Turnpike (I-95) to NH 16 (the major roadway to northern New Hampshire in the eastern portion of the state).

F E Everett Turnpike

F. E. Everett Turnpike[3], also known as the Central Turnpike, extends from the Massachusetts state line in Nashua to Exit 14 in Concord. It constitutes a portion of US Interstate Highways 93 and 293. It connects three urban centers in New Hampshire (the cities of Concord, Manchester and Nashua). The route also connects with the major East-West roads in New Hampshire (NH 101, US 4 and I-89).

There is only one toll road in New Hampshire: Mt Washington Summit road[4].

Located north of North Conway, on scenic NH Route 16, the Mt. Washington Auto Road’s unique location in Pinkham Notch provides spectacular views into the Great Gulf Wilderness and the Presidential Mountain Range. It costs $29.00 to use the toll road leading to the Mt. Washington.

Use New Hampshire Toll Calculator to calculate tolls and gas costs for all the turnpikes and toll road in New Hampshire.

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How are tolls calculated for trucks in New Hampshire

In New Hamshire, trucks pay tolls on Blue Star turnpike, Spaulding turnpike, and FE Everett Turnpike based on number of axles. However, trucks typically do not go on Mt. Washington Summit Road.

Calculate truck tolls to travel through all the turnpikes and the toll road in New Hampshire using Truck Toll Calculator.

How to pay toll in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, you can pay tolls via E-ZPass system known as E-ZPass NH or by cash. NationalPass is also accepted across all toll facilities in New Hampshire.

Non-NH E-ZPass Account holder’s fare rate is the same as the cash rate. For more details, please reach out to E-ZPass NH customer service center at toll-free number: (877)643-9727.

You cannot pay tolls by video system such as Pay-By-Plate in New Hampshire.

How to pay missed toll in New Hampshire

If you missed a toll in New Hampshire, you can pay it online within 7 days without any fine. Post that grace period, a toll invoice will be sent to the vehicle owner with a fine amount - which keeps increasing with delay in payment.

Learn about ways to pay missed toll in New Hampshire.

What is E-ZPass NH

NH or E-ZPass New Hampshire or [5] is an electronic tag that you can install in your windshield to zoom through electronic toll gantries. You don’t need to stop to pay toll. It is part of the E-ZPass network and is accepted in all the states where E-ZPass is valid. But with E-ZPass NH you get the most discounts on New Hampshire turnpikes and toll road.

Learn details of accounts and offerings of E-ZPass NH.

New Hampshire turnpikes tolling agencies

The Bureau of Turnpikes at New Hampshire Department of Transportation[6] manages New Hampshire turnpike system. For any questions about toll rates or payment methods, please get in touch with them.

Calculate tolls for New Hampshire and other states in the US

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