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You can pay missed toll at Mackinac Bridge, Grosse Ile Toll Bridge, Blue Water Bridge, and Detroit-Windsor Tunnel by the following methods depending upon your tag pass.

Pay missed toll for Detroit-Windsor Tunnel with NexPress®

You can view your monthly statements online at
Any trips made through a Toll Plaza with a deactivated Card or Windshield Tag or without paying the proper toll will result in a charge of the applicable tolls. For further information contact:

Phone: (313)567-4422, or 519-258-7424, ext.200
Fax: (313)567-2565

Address: NEXPRESS® Help Desk
Detroit Windsor Tunnel LLC
100 East Jefferson
Detroit, Michigan

Pay missed toll for Mackinac Bridge with MacPass

The vehicle owner shall receive the toll violation invoice from the Mackinac Bridge Authority with instructions of how to pay toll. Get more information by logging into your MacPass account[1]

Pay missed toll for Ambassador Bridge with A-Pass

The vehicle owner shall receive a toll violation invoice from the concerned authority that can also be checked online at the Ambassador Bridge Invoice Inquiries Poratl[2]

To make a credit card payment go to the Ambassador Bridge Card Payment Portal[3]. For your protection, please do not e-mail us your credit card information.

For Wire Transfer email at Place “Wire Transfer Request” within the subject line. Include your contact name, company name and email address.

Check payments for Detroit International Bridge Company Invoices (Payable in U.S. funds):Include a copy of payment details/statements with your checks and submit to:

Detroit International Bridge Company
P.O. Box 32666
Detroit, Michigan 48232

Check payments for Canadian Transit Company Invoices (Payable in Canadian funds):Include a copy of payment details/statements with your checks and send to the following address:

Canadian Transit Company
P.O. Box 1480, Station A
Windsor, Ontario N9A-6R6

Pay missed toll for Grosse Ile Toll Bridge with Bridge pass

A toll violations can occur for any of  the following reasons:

  • Failure to maintain sufficient funds.
  • Failure to provide Credit card updates.
  • Towing a trailer while using your bridge pass.
  • Failing to update your account information.

The vehicle owner shall receive an invoice with a fine of $25 is charged for toll violation. Follow the instruction in the invoice to pay missed toll or unpaid tolls for Grosse Ile Toll Bridge[4] or contact them for more information at Grosse Ile Toll Bridge Contact Us page[5].

You can also call at 734-282-2914 or email at

If you wish to see toll costs at each toll plaza on the route that you traveled, we suggest you using TollGuru Trip Calculator. You can also download free TollGuru Trip Calculator app from Google play store or the App Store. Both, the website calculator and apps, are totally free for the passenger vehicles.

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