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You can install E-ZPass or pay using cash on the Indiana East-West Toll Road for both the fixed barriers and ticket system. You can also pay your unpaid tolls online. Here are the detailed steps on how to pay toll online[1]. Payment methods on the RiverLink bridges include E-ZPass or RiverLink transponder, or pay later when you receive bill in the mail. You can open a prepaid account and save one dollar for each river crossing.The TollGuru toll calculator can help you decide the payment system you can use. However, E-ZPass and RiverLink tag option is cheaper. You cannot pay using cash.

Another transponder that works in Indiana is NationalPass[2]. Travelers are considered local customers of all toll roads that accept NationalPass providing the lowest available toll rate.

You can use our free Toll Calculator to calculate the toll and gas cost for your cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles and RV's in Indiana and nearby state in the US.

Payment methods for Indiana toll roads and bridges

There are different options for paying tolls in Indiana:

  • E-ZPass/RiverLink – transponders you mount in your vehicle
  • RiverLink Prepaid account – if you do not have a transponder but create an account. The tolls are one dollar less than having no prepaid account. The agency takes a photo of license plate and sends you a bill.
  • RiverLink No prepaid account – The agency takes a photo of license plate and sends you a bill
  • RiverLink – Cash is not accepted
  • On Indiana toll roads you can use E-ZPass or cash

RiverLink Tolls: Payment Options

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