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Austin is the state capital of Texas. Currently, there are ten toll roads in the Austin area including the Pickle Parkway - SH 130 toll road section 1-4 - which is counted among one of the most expensive toll roads in the USA.

Toll booth locations on Pickle Parkway- SH 130 toll road section 1-4 - connecting San Antonio,, Seguin and Georgetown.
Toll booths of Pickle Parkway

In Austin, all the toll booths are converted to an all-electronic payment system. The toll roads are operated by multiple agencies and consequently, multiple Texas toll tags are accepted here for toll payment.

Use Austin Toll Calculator to calculate toll costs for travelling across Austin and other toll facilities of Texas.

Toll Roads in Austin

Following is the list of all toll roads in Austin area of Texas:

  • SH130 Pickle Parkway Segments 1 through 4[1]
  • SH 45 South East[2]
  • SH 45 North[3]
  • Loop 1 / Mopac Expressway[4]
  • SH 130 Extension Segments 5 and 6[5]
  • 183A Toll Road[6]
  • Manor Expressway Phase 1 & Phase 2[7]
  • Cesar Chavez Managed Lanes / Loop 375[8]
  • Loop 49[9]
  • SH 550[10]

How do you pay for toll roads in Austin

Main Article: How to pay toll in Texas

You can pay for Austin toll roads including Texas 183 toll either by a TxDot issued TxTag tag transponder. Or with pay by mail. Other tags accepted here are:

Toll costs for toll roads in Houston depend upon the toll facility, toll payment- EZ TAG or cash, and vehicle axle count.

Using a toll tag offers upto 25% less toll rates than the pay by mail system.

How do you pay for toll roads in Austin

Tolls for Austin toll roads depend upon the toll facility, vehicle’s axle count and payment method.

Tolls for major toll roads in Austin for 2-axle cars and motorcycles
Toll Road Toll Plaza TxTag Toll Rate (in USD)
Highway 183 51st Street SB Exit Ramp $0.66
Highway 183 SH 71 Direct Connector $0.59
Highway 183 A Lakeline Mainline $0.58
SH 130 Pickle Parkway SH 29 $0.52
Loop 1 All Plazas $1.15

Refer to the Austin-Area Toll Chart by TxDot [11] for toll rates of all other plazas and vehicles.

Alternatively, use the Austin Toll Calculator to calculate tolls for between any locations in Austin for all vehicles.

Austin Toll Agencies

The toll roads in Austin are managed and operated by various tolling agencies. For any queries related to toll payment methods or toll bill, please get in touch with the respective agency.

  • Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)[12]
  • SH 130 Concession Company, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA)[13]
  • Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority, North East Texas Regional Mobility Authority (NETRMA)[14]
  • Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority (CCRMA)[15]

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