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The Holland Tunnel is an underwater vehicular tunnel in the Hudson river. At 1.5 mile in length - once the longest tunnel of its kind - it is considered a national landmark connecting New York and New Jersey.

Vehicles crossing the Holland Tunnel pay toll while entering New York. The tunnel is operated by the Port Authority of NY and NJ[1].

The Holland Tunnel toll price is among the most expensive of US tolls along with Lincoln Tunnel, George Washington Bridge, Chesapeake Bay Bridge, PA Turnpike etc.

Use the Holland Tunnel Toll Calculator to calculate how much does it cost to go through the Holland Tunnel and other New York toll facilities.

How much is the toll for the Holland Tunnel

The toll for Holland Tunnel depends on the vehicle type, time of travel and payment method. You can pay the toll with a tag transponder - E-ZPass NY, E-ZPass NJ or out-of-state E-ZPass; no cash is accepted for Holland Tunnel toll payment.

The Holland Tunnel E-ZPass toll for cars is $11.75 - $13.75 respectively for off-peak and peak hours. With the same toll tag, the 5-axle truck toll on Holland Tunnel ranges from $82.5 - $95.

The Holland Tunnel toll price with E-ZPass for most common vehicles
Vehicle type Toll Tag Rate (off-peak hours) Toll Tag Rate (peak hours) Toll by Mail
Car, SUV, Pickup truck $11.75 $13.75 $16
Carpool $11.75 $13.75 $16
2-axle Truck $36 $38 $44
5-axle Truck $90 $95 $110

Peak hours are weekdays 6 AM – 10 AM and 4 PM – 10 PM.
Overnight hours are weekdays 10 PM – 6 AM and Sunday 11 PM – 6 AM.

You can calculate the Holland Tunnel toll with or without E-ZPass for all the vehicles using Holland Tunnel Toll Calculator.

Do you pay Holland Tunnel toll both ways

No, you do not have to pay Holland Tunnel toll for traveling on both sides. Only eastbound traffic - those entering Manhattan - is tolled. Meaning, the Holland Tunnel toll for NY to NJ is zero - toll free!

Holland Tunnel toll by mail

Toll by mail is an alternative method of toll payment for Holland Tunnel.

Generally, a driver pays toll in Holland tunnel with an E-ZPass tag transponder. Those who do not have a valid toll tag, can also cross the tunnel without stopping. The overhead cameras at the toll point, captures the vehicle's license plate. It is processed to send a toll bill to the registered owner of the vehicle through Tolls by Mail.

Do note that the Toll by Mail cost for Holland Tunnel (or other US toll facilities also) is always higher than the E-ZPass rate. If Toll by Mail is not paid within the stipulated time, it will be subject to a $5 late fee and even civil penalties.

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